Tula de Allende

Last tuesday we made a little road trip to the nearby town of Tula de Allende. The adjacent archeological site was once the capitol of the toltec culture and was therefore almost as influential as Teotihuacán and Tenochtitlan. Sadly, the site is not really that well kept. Everything is a little bit old and there are a lot of vendors on the way to the main ruins, but it has an interesting garden with many different tipes of cacti and as part of mexican history, it's really worth a visit. Bring a hat and enough sunblock though!

Alebrije Parade

We have been sooo busy... and the internet here is not really that good :-/ I'll start by showing you pictures of the Alebrije Parade we went to last saturday. There were about 250 different alebrijes, these are just a small part of them (some of the best ones, in my opinion).


We're in Mexico! weeeeeeeeee! But last week was a little bit stressful, we had to take Lola to the city to an official veterinarian office to get her health certification, her veterinarian did a mistake and we had to go again; i had to go to my ob-gyn too (everything is ok, but we could not see if it's a boy or a girl...); we had to get a lot of stuff, you know, presents and stuff... The flight itself was ok, Lola did puke a little bit, but she is otherwise fine. My parent's dog Zamy is a doll, but i don't think they like each other very much...

New work space

Since we will be using the other room now for other than work and hording stuff, i decided i needed a new place where to work. Remember the very beginning of this room? There used to be a dresser here that we later used for the closet and since then there had been nothing on this wall, which was nice, but we had always planned to get a small secretaire. Well, here it is! 

The first trimester

Let me start this post by clarifying something, as to avoid missunderstandings: i am super happy to be pregnant! i'm sooo looking forward to have a child, to nurture it and love it and become a better person because of that child.