Off to Japan

This post will be for the moment the last one because... WE ARE GOING TO JAPAN!!! :-D It is our delayed honeymoon! and... FYI I study japanese at the University of Munich and it has always been my dream to go to Japan. We are going to be there on time for hanami 花見 which translated it's "flower viewing" and it refers to the japanese tradition of watching and enjoying the blossoming of the cherry and plum trees. It is THE time of the year to be in Japan :-) We are going to tour the south and center of Japan.

A hair(y) tale

I had been dying to do something different with my hair for quite a while now. As i was little my mom always wanted me to have short hair because, of course, long hair would get all tangled and i would run away as soon as i saw her coming at me with a hairbrush. Until this day i don't really like to brush my hair ;-) Well for a long time my hair looked like this:

T.G.I.F. #2

I am spending this friday evening with the girls. I have the best co-workers in the world! We understand each other really good and one of them actually went to the same school i went to... in Mexico! How small is the world!?

Thin mints without mint or how i failed to make thin mints

Last week i was invited to a birthday party. Naturally i wanted to give my friend something nice and decided to bake some cookies. Well, i was looking on the internet for some nice cookie recipes and came along this super easy way to make Thin Mints. Only 3 ingredients and in only 15 minutes? That has to be the most amazing recipe idea ever, right? Yeah, that's what i thought... at first.

Our long road to the perfect dog

We are getting a dog! weeeee! I ♥  dogs!!! every kind of dog! i also like cats, but sadly i'm allergic to them... and to be honest, i think they are planning to take over the world ;-) My mother never liked dogs until my aunt surprised me with a beautiful cocker spaniel. She really changed our lives! She was THE most spoiled dog ever! but she was our little princess.  When i moved to Germany i knew i would not be able to take her with me, so she stayed at home with my parents & my brother & kept on rocking their worlds!