Japan#5: Kyoto

Well, after 5 days of staying just one night at different places, we finally arrived at Kyōto, where we spend 2 whole days :-) We visited the Imperial Garden an the former Imperial Palace -you need a special permit to visit the Palace, which we didn’t have, because we don’t really plan things ahead- but the garden was very nice!

Japan#4: Himeji & Kobe

  I’m back and still a tiny little bit behind on this Japan adventure. You have to know that we really do a lot during the day and are completely exhausted at night. I actually do all my writing & picture checking on the train. Then when we get to the hotel/ryokan I upload all, which takes much more longer than you might think. And now that you know it, please don’t mind my grammar, misspelling or any lost train of thoughts. Thank you!

Japan#3: Aso/Beppu & Hiroshima/Miyajima

Sorry for the long pause... the last ryokan had free WiFi ONLY in the lobby and it was just weird. Everybody had to check their mails on the way out or in with the ryokan staff watching over you and after 7o’clock in the evening the lobby got full of very quiet people submerged on their laptops or cell phones. Very nice people of the ryokan: expand your WiFi range!!!

Japan#2: Fukuoka & Kumamoto

Next stop on our trip was the city of Fukuoka. We stayed at a traditional japanese guesthouse, a ryokan, but those pictures will have to wait, because i forgot to bring my card-adapter so i’m using my husbands pictures for now. I know i could just buy one here, but i’m afraid of going inside a mall... ;-) We want to wait to buy presents and stuff on our last stops so we don’t have to carry them around just yet (and the truth oft hat in the next story)...

Japan#1: Osaka & Nara

We are in Japan! We arrived at Kansai Airport and were very confused about the kind of ticket we should buy to get to our hotel by train. There are a LOT of different train-types! Well maybe not, but it felt like it… after some time -and help-  we finally jumped on the right train to Ōsaka. Our hotel room was the smallest, most practical, awesome room ever! :-D