Weekend Madness

This weekend was all about puppies, friends, holidays and worries. I think i told you about Lola's Puppies Play Hour every saturday (?). It's so fun and Lola plays more and more every time we are there. We hadn't have the chance to take pictures because Lola spend almost the whole time like this... ... hidden between our legs.

T.G.I.F. #4

I had so many plans for today! I would go to the city with Lola & meet a friend for coffee. I would come home, work on my post, do some housework, maybe bake some Muffins and play with Lola. I would get all dolled up and use my new dress to go to a friend's wedding party. I would even take Lola to the party and let her get to know all the people there.

What ever happened to Baby Lola?

It's been 3 weeks since we got our little, furry, fluffy bundle of joy! She is perfect! well sometimes :-) She is extremely curious and learns new stuff so fast that we are beginning to train her with a clicker. I was not that excited about it at first, but it's quite easy and i think Lola likes it too.  We are having some problems with biting and i hope to break that habit soon. She loves to play and to chew on things. We try to get her to play more "thinking games", but she is just a tomboy and loves tug of war, which does not help with the biting!

To my mother:

You and i have not always had a perfect relationship. It's full of ups and downs, tears and smiles. Maybe we are too much alike or nothing at all. Maybe we were too arrogant to acknowledge our faults. There were many mean words and sad feelings. Fortunately life never stops and we have to move forward and take responsibility for every word said and every deed made. And life teaches us to forgive and to ask for forgiveness and to let go... together.

Welcome to my crib: Bedroom

I've been planning a "house tour" for some time now. I even cleaned everything and took some pictures, but then Japan happened and then Lola and i was not able to implement my plan. But if not now then when, right? Well, i present you the first room of this series: our bedroom!