90's Music Week: Wednesday

It's my birthday! Yeiiiiiiiiii Remember my sneaker wishlist? well i told my husband, that he could get me a pair if he wanted (since i needed new ones anyway) and i got the Drunknmunky's! They're so cute and i'm so happy! Weeeee: And i got myself some flowers :-D

T.G.I.F. #10

It's awful hot right now! I can't even think properly! I feel as if every part of me was melting... even my brain... Let's eat ice! I want to make this Ritz Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches! While drinking a Boozy Cucumber Cooler And watching more mindless entertainment: Pretty Wicked Moms is sooo much fun... Emily is the best!

Short Trip to Austria

Hi there! like i told you, we made a little trip last week and went to a friends cabin in Upper Austria. We were like 10 people there and a dog :-) We had an awesome time! Lola went nuts with all the new exploring stuff... We practiced shooting with bow and arrows. We went fishing and caught some trouts, which were delicious. We grilled 3 nights in a row and spend the days planing what to eat next :-D