Welcome to my crib: Hallway

Do you know how it feels when you think you're getting sick, but you don't and you're tired and not quite well all the time? That's how i've been feeling this whole week :-( It's also getting colder outside and it's raining a lot again and as you know this does not matter to a certain baby dog. We have been playing outside in the rainy, cold weather. I think it's time to get the warmer sweaters from the basement.

One year ago

One year ago we were in Mexico surrounded by both our families and friends. One year ago we had one of the best days of our lives. One year ago we decided to bind our lives together before God. One year ago we celebrated that union with people we love and who love us back. One year ago i asked you to hold me really tight as we danced, because my stupid, but awesome shoes were too high and i was afraid to fall. And ever since that day you have been holding me tight, you have never let me fall, you have been by my side leading me through good and not so good times. 

The worst day

Yesterday was the worst day of my life, well maybe not of all my life, but every day that contains losing money, getting pissed on by a dog and crying on the street is in my book, a bad day. Everything started when i woke up. Do you also have those days when you feel like it would be so much better if you just stayed in bed and ignore everything else around you? yeah, it started like that, but as soon as i opened my eyes i saw our half finished closet and knew i could not stay in bed and look at that mess of a wall reproachfully staring back at me.