Fall days

I have been so bad at scheduling my days lately. I go out with Lola and clean around the house, but it has been difficult getting my a** off the couch when i know there is nothing else i have to do, or nowhere else i have to be. Being a housewife takes a lot more discipline than i thought, it is hard work! Nonetheless this past weeks have been really relaxing and actually fulfilling. I have been learning to take better care of myself and Lola.

Welcome to my crib: Small Bathroom

I know! I have been absent... we have been busy. My sister-in-law was here last week and i got to finally use my sewing machine, so i have a project to share with you, but it will have to wait a little while longer since i'm not finished yet (i'm still waiting for some fabric...). So i decided to just keep on with my never ending home tour. Remember i told you we have two bathrooms? i know, it was ages ago, right...

Barcelona Part lll

Welcome to the last part of this Barcelona adventure! Where did we stop last time? right: La Sagrada Familia. This time around i have some pitures from the inside! that thing is amazing! It's beautiful! I know it might look like much, but mind you, the whole construction inside is made of grey stone, or cement, whatever, important is: all the color comes from the huge stained glass windows. It's the most beautiful church i've ever been in.

Hallway revamp

Our hallway is done! no, the closet is still not finished... but the hallway finally looks decent. It's actually not completely finished, but it's good enough for now. I painted it all by myself (as if you couldn't notice...)!