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(Hard) Changes

Unpleasant episodes. Ah, how i dislike thee! They've happened a couple of times before, but i hadn't got any in a while, and today i had to sit down and cry. I had a meltdown. The full story?

... & Día de Muertos

I've been trying to keep some mexican traditions alive in our german/mexican/romanian household. On November the 2nd we celebrate Día de Muertos: we set our Ofrenda for those we've lost, dine together with the familiy and reminisce about them. It's not a sad day, it's a day of remembering and sharing those memories. It's a day when we invite the dead to celebrate with us their lives.

Halloween Costume DIY: La Catrina

I hope you had a nice Halloween! Did you dress up? I decided to do something cool this year and dressed up as La Catrina, which is practically the female representation of Death. I know i'm a horrible blogger, who doesn't take pictures of the making process, but i just didn't think about it at that moment. Hope you forgive me ;-)

Learning how to sew: Halloween Edition

I can sew! weeeee! Well not really, i'm just learning ;-) My sister-in-law was here a couple of weeks ago and gave me a crash course on how to use my brand new sewing machine.  Using Emma's tutorial on how to Make A No-Zip Pillow i sew some halloween themed pillow cases for the living room!