Expecting the unexpected aka i really just want to go to sleep again!

I'm back! well, hopefully... but believe me, i have a very good reason for being absent for so long. Most of you already know this, but for those who don't: We're having a baby!  The IVF treatment worked and we couldn't be happier! But let me tell you, these last 3 months have been hell! I'll be sharing all about the ups and downs of early pregnancy on another post. Right now i'm still not quite all there, so i leave you with a couple of shots of what has happened in my life these past months :-)

I want Candy!

Hello there!  I don't know if i have told you this, but i'm very fortunate to know a lot of awesomely talented people. Today i want to present you a super cool band called Candy and i'm not saying this because i know them ;-) but they make really good music. I absolutely love their first CD... ... and i'm so looking forward to finally get my hands on the second one!