I can't believe it's already been around 2 weeks since our vacation/family event! We were actually thinking of making a 3 week tour through Scandinavia, but it would have been too expensive and kind of stressful with the baby and Lola. So instead we flew over for a couple of days with the rest of the family, which was a pretty good idea after all. Do you know how much you have to take with you when you have a little kid in tow? a lot! i was very grateful for all the extra available  hands  :-) What can i tell you about traveling with an 11 weeks old baby? To be honest, at that age there is not much you can do. The little Moomin is still not interested in toys, so if she wants to cry, she will cry. She doesn't like being carried in your arms, which sucks of course because there is nowhere else i can put her. On the way to Finland she got changed twice, which kept the whining to a minimum, but on the way back... she didn't spend the whole flight crying, but some tears where shed. I also took some tea in case she could not manage the preassure change, but she slept through the whole take off and landing. Good baby! In Helsinki we rented apartments and they lend us a traveling crib. Moomin is very flexible on that account, i put her to bed around 8-9 and it doesn't matter where we are, she will eventually fall asleep and not wake up until feeding time around 3 in the morning. All she needs is her pacifier. I am thinking about doing a whole other post on sleeping habits and so on, but i honestly think that it depends a lot on the baby's temper or character and of course on yourself. I'll think about it... Let's move on to Helsinki! It's really pretty. I think we only got to see the coast part, but we did not have that much time to wander around. Our apartments where very close to the main Esplanada and the Port. I very much recommend you to eat in the market square! They prepare a really good Salmon! After a delicious meal, we walked along the coastline to meet the rest of the family.   The next day we did classic sightseeing of the city: Uspenski and Helsinki Cathedrals, some museums, Helsinki's main station... You can reach almost everything on foot. I also recommend a visit to Linnunlaulu, north of the main city attractions, which is a kind of park with beautiful Villas and the Café Sininen Huvila with a really cool sight of Töölönlahti bay.            I love her face! It's her "I just woke up and i'm not in the mood for pictures" face :-D So cute! x.o.

Month 3

We made it! the first 3 months are over!!! Weeeeeeeeeee! from now on, it can only be better, right? We just had an episode yesterday that made me fear what parenting has in store for us. I was getting the Moomin ready for bed, changing her diaper when all of a sudden she just started to scream. It has happened before, she does not always like it when we change her, but this time it just didn't stop! and God is she loud! It breaks your heart to see your baby crying, with those huge tears rolling down it's fat cheeks and you have no idea whatsoever of what's wrong :-( I was 2 seconds away from crying too, but she calmed down as soon as she realized i was trying to nurse her. Poor Moomin! I have no idea what triggered her, but i've heard teething can cause lots of pain and screams and sleepless nights and i'm dreading it! But, on the good side, she smiles a lot :-D She just discovered her voice and she spends the whole day squeaking and blabbing. It's adorable! She holds her head better when i lay her on her stomach and i really think it's not going to take that much longer until she rolls from her back to her stomach. She experienced her first flight and her first big party, sleeping away from home and spending the whole day wandering around and she was a doll! We had some temper tantrums once in a while, but i have to say we are very very lucky and so blessed to have such a nice, easygoing girl.  Next week we have a doctors appointment for ther next round of shots. I think this time around she is going to be weight and measured (last time it did not happen...) and i'm very excited to see how much she has grown in the last weeks. BTW vaccinations: we did have a rough week after the first round, so i'm hoping it's not that bad this time. She got very whiny and sleepy, she did not develop a fever (at least something good), but it did take almost a week for her to be "normal" again... I love Lola's expression on that last picture ;-) as if saying: "take your picture and give me my treat, woman!" hahaha If everything goes right with the little Moomin, i will be working on the Helsinki posts these next days, so look forward to it! x.o. Month 1 • Month 2

Welcome to my crib: Nursery

I've already shown you our super awesome not-pipe-but-it-still-looks-like-pipe-book shelf and what seems a very long time ago, there was a sneak peak of the walls. Well today i can finally show you the other side of the room, welcome to Miss little Moomin's Kingdom! I wanted this room to be happy and bright and gender neutral, which is why i chose a bright sunny yellow color. The Hubs spend a whole day taping the walls and it took me a week to do all the painting. Could i have chosen a more time consuming project? Maybe, but then it would not look as awesome as it looks now, agree?! Of course you do, just look at those walls! We decided to keep the couch/bed, since the baby is not sleeping in this room and of course because of it's practicality as a guest bed. The rest of the furnishings are mostly from IKEA. We chose the SUNDVIK range, because you can turn the changing table into a dresser, when the baby is older. The ÖNSKLIG container set is not the nicest, but its practical and i just "poshed it up" with some cute washi tape. Underneath the table we have the PYSSLINGAR boxes, a long and two smaller ones. The long one holds a whole pack of diapers. Above the wardrobe we have 2 SVIRA boxes, one for clothes that don't fit yet and the other with clothes that don't fit anymore. The Hubs built two lamps from a folding-screen, but the other one is currently in the basement (the couch is too long). He also built a third lamp for the ceiling, but i forgot to take a picture... :-/ Have you seen The Book of Life? No? Well go and watch it and then you'll understand where we got the Catrina (well, more like why. Where? In Mexico, but i think you can get it online too). Remember when we went to Japan? I bought that little mobile in Kyoto for when we had a baby (always plan ahead!). I am a HUGE fan of Ghibli, specially of My neighbor Totoro. We found this cool online store, where you can find tons of art! I knew i wanted that Totoro print ever since i first saw it. I wanted more Ghibli prints for the other wall, but we did not find anything that would fit. The one on the left reminds me a little bit of Spirited Away though and the one on the right is just another print we liked from the same artist. It's fun, because we had some comments about the Red Riding Hood one being too "dark" (not just because of the color) for a baby's room, but the little Moomin just started to spot them and she smiles! every time! :-D Finally, the rug we chose is also from IKEA. I cannot find it on the web site anymore, but i think is pretty much the predecessor of this one. I love the pattern! and even though it seems like much, it does fit perfectly in there. And that's it! I love her room! I really spent a LOT of time putting it together. On other news: we're leaving for Helsinki, Finland next wednesday! weeeeeeeeee! Although, i'm a little bit nervous of flying with a baby for the fisrt time! Do you have some advice? I know i'm supposed to give her something to drink during take-off and landing, because of the pressure change and i'm hoping she stays calm during the flight. It's only 2 and a half hours after all. Well, on that note, look forward to cool pictures! x.o.

Month 2

Aaahhh! It's been 2 months already? my baby is not a wrinkled newborn anymore! she's big and fat and i already had to sort out clothes :'-( We have been slowly adapting to each other. She still sleeps a lot (we only have to feed her twice at night). We have some whiny days, but it's never been extremely bad. We had a very rough 5th week, because of a growth spurt (we're having another right now), but i'm slowly learning to discern what she wants and to be patient and to rely on others when it's just too much. Tummy aches are not that much of an issue anymore. I mean, it still happens, but we deal with it better. She's getting lactobacillus for her intestinal flora and i'm trying not to eat things that might upset her stomach. Plus, i'm giving her something for the gas ;-) The problem now is reflux... i know almost every baby has it, but hers is really ugly.  Luckily we have our next doctors appointment on monday. Let's see what we can do to ease that nuisance. She's also getting her first vaccinations!  I'm still breastfeeding, althought i am beginning to wean... It's just too exhausting and frustrating for both of us (specially for me). She always, always falls asleep during meals, which means that she does not drink enough, which leads to me having to feed her every 2 hours! It leaves me no "free time" at all. So, it's bye bye boobs! To be honest, it had started to grow on me. It's cute to have your baby so near to you, but i'm looking forward to have more time do to other stuff and of course to finally have my body back! Believe me, leaking boobs are the most freakish things ever! She smiles at me every once in a while and she can hold her head for a couple of seconds. She communicates more and we can "play" a little bit. It's starting to be fun... this having a baby thing :-)  And once again i'm off to feed her... Have a nice weekend!  x.o. Month 1