A hair(y) tale

I had been dying to do something different with my hair for quite a while now. As i was little my mom always wanted me to have short hair because, of course, long hair would get all tangled and i would run away as soon as i saw her coming at me with a hairbrush. Until this day i don't really like to brush my hair ;-) Well for a long time my hair looked like this: Do you see the white thing on my head? that was some sort of huge hair clip! Now that i'm older i can laugh about it, but back then... well i didn't like them. Well, years passed and with them A LOT of bad hair choices. Since we don't know each other that well just now, i will not post pictures of my curly-bangs-time... that is way to embarrassing. But this is how my hair looked like when i was 16/17: I almost never let it down but for special occasions. I think on that particular picture i was allowed to go to a fancy party with my parents at the mexican embassy in Berlin. Bur for the most time my hair was just in a ponytail. As you can see, my hair is really curly, thick and i have a lot of it! It's not easy to take care of hair like that. I spend years wishing for straight, sleek hair. I still straighten it often with a flat iron, but i have also learned to accept my hair just as it is: curly... That picture was taken after my wedding in september last year. Since then i have been wanting a change. I loved the long hair, even if i almost choked with it at night. My husband didn't want me to cut it either. He thought i would look like the tipical short-hair-mom (i don't have anything against "tipical" short haired moms! it's just not my style...). One day it just happened. I suddenly found myself inside the hair salon asking for a rihanna-style-haircut. And i really think it worked pretty well: A lot of people were shocked by how short it was and sometimes i felt like i had to defend MY decision to cut MY hair! It's just hair!!! it grows back! i know it's a huge transformation, but that's all that it is: something different and new and exciting! Sometimes change is good! Anyway i think the style works for me just fine. My husband didn't complain either. I'm still the same person! But with better hair :-D It's been almost 3 months. It has grown a lot and it started to drive me insane! So i went to cut it again, but this time i wanted the full-extreme-rihanna-hair-style and i'm loving it: Don't be afraid of changes! they are scary, but they are just as bad as we made them be. Embrace the new! Get out of your comfort zone! It's totally worth it! And if it doesn't work, well... there are always hats. xo

T.G.I.F. #2

I am spending this friday evening with the girls. I have the best co-workers in the world! We understand each other really good and one of them actually went to the same school i went to... in Mexico! How small is the world!? I really have to spend more time with my friends! I think i'm slowly turning into a hermit. Do you know "That 70's Show"? Well there are some days when i feel like Red Forman, the dad, who doesn't like anybody but his wife! well, i don't want to turn completely into him and that's why i have to spend more time with other people... and learn to be patient!!! i tend to loose my nerve very quickly. In my defense there are a lot of people out there that are extremely annoying! But ok, let's talk about something else... like food! For tonight i decided to bake some Chocolate Chip Cookies! I hope the girls like them! The dough was so yummy... i had to distract myself from eating it all ;-)  Sadly at the end i only had like half the cookies i baked, because i didn't have any parchment paper and i forgot to put some flour on one of the baking racks and many of them broke :-( well at least my husband is going to be happy that he also gets some cookie crumbs... And since we are talking about food: I wanted to show you what i made yesterday, since it was both awesomely weird & delicious! Have you ever heard of a Roasted Strawberry, Brie & Chocolate Grilled Cheese Sandwich? No? well behold the good life: I was very skeptical at the beginning, but it was sooo good! It's sweet and salty and full of chocolate, all at the same time!!! Have a nice friday everybody!!! xo

Thin mints without mint or how i failed to make thin mints

Last week i was invited to a birthday party. Naturally i wanted to give my friend something nice and decided to bake some cookies. Well, i was looking on the internet for some nice cookie recipes and came along this super easy way to make Thin Mints. Only 3 ingredients and in only 15 minutes? That has to be the most amazing recipe idea ever, right? Yeah, that's what i thought... at first. I followed the instructions given and was very pleased that i only broke 3 (or 5) Oreos while separating them. BTW don't eat the cream! even if you love it, by the 5th Oreo it just starts getting weird... i tried... it didn't work. I think i like my Oreo cream with some cookie. Anyway, i didn't have any mint extract, but remembered that we still had some Minttu (finnish peppermint liqueur) in the freezer! Oh, that's a nice idea! let's get this cookies a nice alcoholic twist! just mix in the liqueur with the melted chocolate i thought... it's going to be awesome i said... well for all of you experienced bakers out there, i know you are laughing at me right know and shaking your heads... well, you are right in doing so. My nicely melted chocolate was converted into a chocolate clump with a lot of alcohol in it. WTF! I'm a self taught "baker"! nobody told me this would happen! i googled for a way to make it work and read that you have to mix the alcohol with the chocolate before you melt it. Aha, ok... it didn't work either... after 1 hour i had 40 cookies waiting to be coated and 2 clumps of alcoholic chocolate... I melted the rest of my dark chocolate, mixed it with some white one, coated the cookies and sprinkled some Minttu and silver sparkles over them. I couldn't even take them to the party, because the chocolate didn't harden on time. Well, i gave them to her today and she loved them! They weren't that pretty either (i think they resemble my frustration at that moment) but they were really yummy. We almost ate them all together at work :-) It was worth all the trouble :-D   And the moral of this story is: "Always have a lot of chocolate at home! you never know when you will have to use it all!" xo

Our long road to the perfect dog

We are getting a dog! weeeee! I ♥  dogs!!! every kind of dog! i also like cats, but sadly i'm allergic to them... and to be honest, i think they are planning to take over the world ;-) My mother never liked dogs until my aunt surprised me with a beautiful cocker spaniel. She really changed our lives! She was THE most spoiled dog ever! but she was our little princess.  When i moved to Germany i knew i would not be able to take her with me, so she stayed at home with my parents & my brother & kept on rocking their worlds! Sadly she died 3 years ago from cancer. She enriched our lives in so many ways that i always knew someday i would have another dog. I am very lucky that my husband feels the same way. He never had a dog as a child, but feels very positive towards getting one now. It took us quite some time -2 years!- to decide what kind of dog we wanted.  I wanted a small dog, like a Pug or a Pomeranian, but my husband wanted a bigger one, like an Australian Sheepdog. Of course we the decided on a medium one (duhh...). Just in case you are also looking for one here are some facts about our 2 main choices: Shiba Inu: Japanese spitz breed Average height is 45 cm. Every dog needs of course some physical exercise, some more that others and the Shiba is very moderate on that aspect. They are very loyal and protective. This is not necessarily bad BUT they tend to overprotect their owner. We plan on having a baby some day and Shibas are not really good at getting along with children or other dogs. Training obviously helps but instincts are instincts.   Shetland Sheepdog: Herding dog, very similar to the Collie but smaller Average height is 40 cm. Like the Shiba it does not need that much exercise It is the 6th smartest dog breed in the world As a herding dog it is perfect for families. They tend to be untrusty towards strangers though, but socializing is the key! Even though the have a lot of fur, they are not that high maintenance     We decided to get a Sheltie :-) Of course we thought about getting a dog from the animal shelter, but to be honest, it was very important to us that our first dog should be exactly what we wanted. I think if we decide someday to have another dog, we would get one from the shelter. Maybe we are just overthinking things, but it took us so long to finally get to this point that i'm willing to pay for exactly what we want.  Well.. that's our weird and maybe uninteresting story on how we decided on a dog :-D But i'm so looking forward to getting our little furball! She is going to chance our lives in so many ways and i'm actually very afraid because i'm not good with changes. But there comes one moment in your life when you know it's time to change and you know THIS change is going to be good :-)   How do you feel towards pets? How did they change your life?   xo

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T.G.I.F. #1

I don't know what it is about fridays, but they make me really happy :-) At work everybody is so relaxed and so looking forward to the weekend AND i get to go home early! weeeee! My husband usually has training on friday evenings, so i have the rest of the day to myself. That means that i can watch, eat & drink whatever i want, without anybody telling me that chocolate is not dinner! I have developed a friday ritual where i come home and listen to Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" over and over again with the volume all turned up until inspiration hits me.   Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F... by Henrietta-Aime-Fumer_Tv For this friday i decided to make "Baked Coffee Cake French Toast" from the Joy the Baker Cookbook. You don't need a lot of stuff, it's really easy to make & it's delicious! I paired it with some Baileys & the 3rd season from "Keeping up with the Kardashians". What's your friday ritual? T.G.I.F. everybody! btw HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY to all strong women out there!   xo