What ever happened to Baby Lola?

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It's been 3 weeks since we got our little, furry, fluffy bundle of joy!

She is perfect! well sometimes :-) She is extremely curious and learns new stuff so fast that we are beginning to train her with a clicker. I was not that excited about it at first, but it's quite easy and i think Lola likes it too. 

We are having some problems with biting and i hope to break that habit soon. She loves to play and to chew on things. We try to get her to play more "thinking games", but she is just a tomboy and loves tug of war, which does not help with the biting!

Every saturday we all go together to puppy play time, which she is not very fond of. Well i'm not sure, but she is still not playing with the other puppies. Shetland Sheepdogs are supposed to be very reserved towards strangers, people and dogs, but she is shy just towards dogs. I'm hoping it gets better. I know she is never going to be very adventurous or reckless, i just want her to be friendly and to not be afraid.

She does not really like to ride the bus or any kind of transportation for that matter, but she will have to learn to because i would like her to come with me everywhere (well not to work). I took her today for the 1st time to the city! I was so afraid that she would pee or poo in the metro! or that she would cry all the time, but it went really good! I think she was too afraid and too tired to do shenanigans. But she did not like to wait at my appointment. I took some stuff for her to chew on and it helped for a while, but after she was finished, she started crying and wanted to explore but i was afraid that she would pee indoors. We had to leave a little earlier than planned, but it was ok, she has to get used to the whole waiting idea. She was snoozing all the way back and fell asleep as soon as we came home.

She is a doll! i LOVE her! we are really lucky to have her :-)


Lola (left) & her sisters


The day we picked Lola up at the breeder


Lola's 1st day at her new home


I have no idea why, but she loves to sleep like that  :-) 


She loves the view from our balcony, sometimes she starts barking at everything that moves out there


She was allowed to cuddle with us in our bed after her first puppy play time 


She is so big now! We will probably have to "glue" her pointy ear ;-)


I hope you enjoyed this little update on Maria Dolores Heinrich! Until next time!



To my mother:

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You and i have not always had a perfect relationship. It's full of ups and downs, tears and smiles. Maybe we are too much alike or nothing at all. Maybe we were too arrogant to acknowledge our faults. There were many mean words and sad feelings.

Fortunately life never stops and we have to move forward and take responsibility for every word said and every deed made. And life teaches us to forgive and to ask for forgiveness and to let go... together.

We are not perfect, we make mistakes, but we are there for each other when we're in need. We are there, because we love. And i love you mom. I admire your strenght, your energy and your compassion.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for not giving up on me, for never letting me go. Thank you for being the best mother you can be, everyday. 


I love you Mutti! Always have and always will!

I wish all mothers out there a very happy mother's day!



Welcome to my crib: Bedroom

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I've been planning a "house tour" for some time now. I even cleaned everything and took some pictures, but then Japan happened and then Lola and i was not able to implement my plan. But if not now then when, right?

Well, i present you the first room of this series: our bedroom!

The room itself is not very big, i think it's only 11 square meters but thanks to the big window we always have a lot of natural lighting. I wanted to have a nice dark color at least on one wall and we choose a very pretty petrol color, which sadly doesn't come across well on the pictures, but it looks really good, specially since we left everything else white. On one side we have a closet big enough for us both. It doesn't take the whole wall and we have 2 small niches, on one of them we have shoe hangers from IKEA and on the other are household stuff like our ironing board. We also got a white wicker basket for all the pillows because they used to land on the floor all the time and i didn't like it.

Our bed headboard and footer are made of rattan, but it's worn out at some places and it doesn't look that good anymore. We asked my husband's grandmother to sew us some covers out of a couple of spare white curtains. I think it works well. We also got two pillow cases to match the covers :-)

I love the window side of the room. My sister-in-law did that painting for us before we moved in and we were pleasantly surprised that she chose exactly the same color of the wall :-)

The other side of the room... i'm not so happy about. I'm not really sure how to make it work. A friend of mine knows that i love pink and cherry trees and did that painting for me and my brother got us the owl clock for christmas last year and i love them both, the colors fit perfectly, but the whole wall just doesn't work for me. I would love to get more frames in different types and sizes and fill the wall up (let's see if i can do a photoshop version of it later). We also got a dresser that i'm not happy about. It used to stand in our living room, but since we bought new stuff for that room we had to put it in our bedroom. 

We want to buy new furniture for this room too, but it will have to wait a little, at least until we save some money for it.
I would love to have a four-poster bed but my husband doesn't like them much. We still got to an agreement and i will get a baldachin with indirect lighting :-D
And although i like the room the way it is now, i'm looking forward to make some chages to it.

I hope you liked our little bedroom and let's hope i get to shoot new pictures of the rest of the house soon! (i'll have to clean up first!)



T.G.I.F. #3

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After ca. 2 months of absence it's time again for T.G.I.F.!

This time on full family mode. My husband has been sick for a couple of days now and i really hope he gets better soon! Fortunately i didn't have to be anywhere this whole week and was able to take care of him and Lola.

This past days haven't been easy with her. She already knows to come and to sit, but sometimes it's just as if she doesn't care. We call and call and call... and she just sits there not giving a you know what... specially when we go out to play. She already learned not to pee in the house, but now she wants to spend the whole day outside! Once we come home from playing she just sits at the door and wants to go out again! The weather has been awful this whole week and it's not easy trying to entertain her inside. We all have still so much to learn...

This is what this friday looked like:


I finally got to do my selfmade Vanilla Extract from the Joy the Baker Cokbook. I've had the vanilla pods for almost 3 months now and somehow never got to use them. Well, today was the day :-) I used Bourbon and Mexican Vanilla pods and Rum. Cut the beans lengthwise and soak them in the Rum. Joy suggests Vodka or Bourbon, but i didn't have neither of those. 


Since my husband is sick, i got to experiment a little with some spices for his tea :-) 
- fresh peppermint, thyme, sage and cloves
- i didn't have fresh chamomile, so i used a tea bag
- i didn't have fresh ginger, so i used ground ginger
- lemon juice & honey
it was surprisingly good :-D

After that i wanted to take Lola for a long walk and play outside but it started to rain and we had to head back home. I let her watch the rain from our balcony.
It lasted only for half an hour and i wanted to go out again, but she was not having it and went to sleep instead...

Well, while Lola took a nap i baked some bread! Earlier in the day i told my husband to choose something for me to bake and he chose the "Mommom's Chocolate Bourbon-spiked Banana Bread" (also from the Joy the Baker Cookbook and i used whiskey instead of bourbon) and it was awesome! Specially with a nice cup of warm milk with honey and rum :-D

Happy Friday!



Of puppies and fears

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We have been so busy lately... and to be honest, i have been so tired lately. 

We got our little sunshine on wednesday last week and she has kept us busy and awake.

For me it has also been an emotional roller coaster. I'm not really good with changes and although i'm aware that they are good, at first i always fight them. I think it's a normal reaction to be afraid of something you don't know, like the future and how everything is going to turn out... as you see i tend to overthink stuff :-/

Well, my fears with the dog were that i didn't know what to do! as simple as that.

I was afraid to overstraining her or that she got bored and started chewing on stuff she is not supposed to. I was afraid she wouldn't like me, or not accept me as a "dog mom". I actually was afraid of bonding with her due to my fear of loss. 

But then she looked at me with her pretty big puppy eyes and i remembered again why i wanted to get a dog in the first place. 

She's awesome! 

She is 9 weeks old now. She goes to her bed (at the moment it's a transport box) every time she gets tired and she doesn't cry at night when we close the door of her box. Housetraining is going really well, she already goes to the door whenever she has to do #2 (it's still taking some time with #1). She already knows her name and comes when you call her (well, almost every time) and since yesterday she also sits! 

It makes me so proud seeing how smart she is and how quickly she learns! 

She still wakes up at night to pee (that's why we're so tired), but only once. She is still afraid of everything! People, bikes, cars, specially other dogs, but with some time she opens up and starts to play (still, not with other dogs...)

Everyday is so exciting and fulfilling that my fears are slowly subsiding. And the bonding problem? well, how can you not fall in love with this little puppy?

Welcome home Kaija of Perfect Dream a.k.a. Maria Dolores "Lola" Heinrich! (yes, that's her name) You rock my world little girl!

And Happy Children's Day Mexico!!!