Puppy Play Date

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Thursday was a again a holiday and Lola had her first puppy play date. It rained a lot, but we still had fun. Even little Chispita had fun! Those girls were chasing each other like crazy! The were sooo cute:


It's going to be difficult to keep posting regularly because i am working on my Bachelor's thesis. I'm already behind schedule and i really want to write something decent and if you have been reading this blog for some time now, you will notice that i'm not very good at writing :-/ 

Hope to see you soon!



Welcome to my crib: Big Bathroom

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We have (luckily) two bathrooms in our apartment! One small one with a shower and a bigger one, which i present you here today:

We had the opportunity to select our floor and wall tiles and chose a warm chocolate brown colour for the floor and a stone trim with white tiles for the walls. We wanted eggwhite colored tiles for the walls, but it wouldn't fit with the white sanitary installations.

As you see, we have enough storage space: all cleaning agents are in the cabinet under the sink, towels are in the tall one. Even our small washing machine fits perfectly in the corner.

We aimed at a natural "earthy" look with wood, wicker and some bamboo. There is also a bath rug that used to be white, but right now it's more pink-redish because i washed it wrong... we need a new one.

On the other side is our bathtub. I love the bathtub! I would bathe every day if i could ;-) It could also be used as a second shower but we don't have a shower curtain there. I'm not sure if i want one, maybe later, we don't need it right now.

I would like some small bamboo candle holders. Right now we have some red ones that match perfectly with our red plant pot and an orange one that i use as storage for all my hair stuff, but i would like to find more. I love candle light (specially while taking a relaxing bath)!

These wicker baskets are full with makeup and a lot of other toiletries.
Behind the door is total chaos! Don't even ask me, what's in there, because i have no idea. I think there is more cleaning stuff that we don't use. 

I'm a complete morning grouch! i'm not approachable before having brushed my teeth and cleaned my face. Music helps too! I love to listen to music or an audiobook while i get ready in the mornings (or while taking a relaxing bath).

I don't exactly know why, but i'm obsessed with perfumes! I had more at one point but then i noticed that perfumes can go bad too and i had to throw away a lot of them. I like getting a new perfume every season and every single one of them reminds me of an specific moment in my life. I stored them in the small wall cabinet but i think they are too pretty to be behind closed doors ;-)

My husband is a skilful handyman. I wanted to have a nice big hollywood style mirror and he built me one. I love it! On the shelf space under it is all the stuff we need (or think we need...) on a daily basis.

I'm happy to have a small window in here. We have had all kinds of plants in here but this is the only one that has lasted long. Don't worry, all the other ones are not dead, they just didn't like it there and i had to put them somewhere else. I would love to have another plant in there, maybe on top of the tall cabinet? It should be a resistant one though, one that doesn't need much light. Do you have any suggestions?

I like our bathroom as it is, i don't think i would be making changes here any time soon, well, maybe get rid of some stuff and organize the rest of it better!

I hope you enjoyed it!



T.G.I.F. #5

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The weather sucks!!!

It's almost june and it's 7°C!!! No wonder Lola got sick, it's frakking cold out there. But that doesn't stop her from wanting to play outside on the wet grass. That girl loves grass... and mud... and dirt... and water.

She is much better btw. She's as good as new after her injection on tuesday  :-D

Today we are going to keep it very, very simple but yummy:

Roasted Red Pepper Mayonnaise BLT (it was more a sauce than a mayonnaise...)

paired with Hot Fudge Gin Milkshake with selfmade Gin Whipped Cream (you have to try it!)

and House of Cards! Have you seen it? It's really good! (I'm hoping to post about our living room soon!)

And that was my lazy really awesomely good food friday. How about you?




Weekend Madness

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This weekend was all about puppies, friends, holidays and worries.

I think i told you about Lola's Puppies Play Hour every saturday (?). It's so fun and Lola plays more and more every time we are there. We hadn't have the chance to take pictures because Lola spend almost the whole time like this...

... hidden between our legs.
But this saturday she actually played a little bit more with the other puppies.
Behold the cuteness:

Of course there are bigger puppies, but we are in the "small puppy" group and it's ok like that. The bigger ones are crazy! ;-)

On sunday we invited some friends over to grill on our balcony, drink and of course to meet Lola.
I prepared a Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte. Of course my stuff NEVER looks as pretty as it should be, but it was really, really good!

Yesterday was a holiday here in Munich and we spend the day worrying about Lola because she got sick. She has cystitis and had to pee every 5 minutes. I took her today to the vet and she got an injection. She is practically comatose right now. The vet said she would be very very tired and that i should just let her rest. Let's hope she get's better soon!

How was your weekend?



T.G.I.F. #4

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I had so many plans for today!

I would go to the city with Lola & meet a friend for coffee. I would come home, work on my post, do some housework, maybe bake some Muffins and play with Lola. I would get all dolled up and use my new dress to go to a friend's wedding party. I would even take Lola to the party and let her get to know all the people there.

But life can be a bitch sometimes. I have a grass pollen allergy and noticed that the grass pollen season is just starting! My eyes itch, my nose is clogged and worst of all i get asthma attacks every so often. Which means that all my plans went down the drain.

Well, Lola and i did go to the city, because i had an appointment that i couldn't cancel. She did behave better this time, but it was still very exhausting for both of us. She is asleep right now and i hope she stays like that for at least one more hour. My allergies are not so bad as long as i stay inside, but i'm dreading the moment i have to go out again.

Anyway, i decided to cheer up with some comfort food and trashy TV.

If Joy the Baker has taught me anything, is that sweet and salty complement each other perfectly! (that's why i put some sea salt on everything chocolatey...) I decided to trust Joy and experience a Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich. As always, i didn't have everything i needed and didn't want to go to the supermarket, so i used cornichons.
It was the best thing ever! I know, i was also skeptical at first, but Joy really knows what she's doing.
"What about a drink?" you may be asking yourselves. Well this Burnt Banana Chocolate Malted Milkshake may do the trick. I used vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup instead of chocolate ice cream and malt powder. And because i'm an adult i spiced it up a little (or a lot! but hey, it's friday! and i don't have to talk to other people while taking Lola for a walk... i hope...) with some Kahlúa and Rum and cinnamon. 
Awesome!!! Just try it please!

Have you ever seen Big Rich Atlanta? It's hilarious! I love LOVE reality shows! They make me realize how lucky i am to be me :-D

Update: don't worry, this little girl got to go out 2 more times... until now... it's going to be 2 more until sleepy time.

T.G.I.F. everybody!