Sneaker Wishlist

I'm in need of some new sneakers! Here are some ideas i'm thinking about:   Converse Drunknmunky Puma Onitsuka Tiger I'm really attracted to pink, peachy & coral colors, like a moth to the light ;-) Which one would you choose? Btw, there's not going to be a tgif this friday since we are going on a little trip. But there will be a lot of pictures when we come back :-D Happy Wednesday! xo

Over the Weekend #2

This saturday we took Lola to a "dog lake", which is a non-official bathing lake for people, so dogs can go in. People bathe there too of course, together with their dogs. We wanted to teach her to swim, but were dumb enough not to take bathing suits... The problem is that there are no broad shores were you can gradually go into the water. As you already know, Lola loves water, but i think it was too much and too fast for her. There were also a lot of other dogs and Lola went nuts! she gets way too exited and barks a lot and it's really stressful :-( It was a nice day anyways and Lola fell asleep as soon as we got home. We will have to go more often to the lake, so she gets used to it ;-)   Sunday was another lazy movie watching day. This time we watched Oz the Great and Powerful. Well, it's a nice family movie but... the acting is awful!!! The only one that gives a somewhat decent performance is Rachel Weisz, which was really disappointing, because James Franco was ok in 127 Hours and Mila Kunis was even nominated at the Golden Globes for Black Swan, but in this movie... well, i don't know, maybe it was the screenplay and their dialogs. With a length of 2 hours there were moments where i was asking myself, when it's going to end? But it's not a bad movie. Too much CGI, but enjoyable :-)     Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful 3D... von FanReviews   How was your weekend? Happy monday everybody! xo

T.G.I.F. #9

We went to the movies yesterday. We watched Pacific Rim. I've always been a huge Guillermo del Toro fan. Cronos was really good. I loved The Devil's Backbone and adored Pan's Labyrinth! I even liked Hellboy ;-)  I also love Neon Genesis Evangelion, so i was really looking forward to this movie, but... well it was kind of disappointing :-( The story is not a disaster, but it's not good either. The dialogs were awful! There were some fun moments, but mostly cheap jokes. Rinko Kikuchi's character got sooo much on my nerves, Idris Elba's final speech reminded me of Independence Day (and i actually like that movie...), the music was bad and it was way too long... On the other side: the special effects are very good, i bet they look awesome in 3D. Ron Perlman and Charlie Day were an awesome casting choice, they are hilarious ;-) Well, if you know Guillermo del Toro movies and thought this one was going to be like NGE: don't watch it!  If you have nothing else to do tonight, want to be entertained, like a lot of action and loud bass noises and have no expectations towards this movie: go for it!   Pacific Rim (2013) - Official Trailers [HD] von f100002532815123 That's why this friday i will be staying at home, watching a telenovela (brain activity level is the same as with the movie above ;-P) and eating this Mexican Popcorn (but as a real mexican i use more lemon juice and of course chilli). I wish you all a happy friday and a relaxing weekend! xo

Birthday Party Ideas

As i've already told you, this year i will be turning 30 years old! I don't mind the big 3 in front, i just want to make the best party ever! :-) I had this idea of making it a 90's themed party. I want to play only 90's music, all kind of. And it would be really nice if everybody could wear some 90's inspired clothes. I want to wear something close to Cher Horowitz style in Clueless. I have to find some plaid skirt with a matching cardigan and some knee high socks: The rest of the decorations don't have anything to do with the 90's. It's just a bunch of DIY party projects :-D I've already showed you the fabric that i bought, which i'm going to use to do a birthday banner, similar to this one: And how awesome are this garlands? I'm sooo looking forward to do them: I know Pom Poms can look ridiculous, but i really want to do some :-D I was thinking of doing these paper lanterns instead of the pom poms, but i would have to buy some white paper lamps from IKEA and i don't really have either the time, nor the money... but they are so pretty, right? This cake will be my big baking project. I would love it to look just like this one, but... well you have seen my baking, i still have to work on the decorating part ;-) I will probably be doing some cupcakes too and Raul will do some snacks, but it's still all in the planning stage. I need some music recommendations!!! what did you listen to in the 90's? Happy mid-week! xo... *all pictures were taken from various internet sites

Over the Weekend #1

How was your weekend? We are starting to do stuff every saturday after dog school. This time we went to the Biergarten! Lola behaved quite good, but she has this thing with all kinds of round things. She chases after balls and balloons. We really need to do something about that because many children get afraid of her, because she starts barking when they play ball near her and we know she just wants to play but they don't and to be honest i don't want to have to deal with parents that think their kids might be in danger because of a 4 month little furball barking. I might be exaggerating, but the fact is, you never know ;-) Afterwards we came home and watched Evil Dead. Tagline: The most terrifing film you will ever experience... well, no. I'm a huge fan of horror movies and this one is good, but it's not the best. Maybe for teenies or people that don't like scary movies... don't get me wrong, it is quite gory and i haven't seen that amount of blood in a long time, but i'm pretty used to it... there is little new stuff in horror movies. If you absolutely don't like horror or have an easy upsetting stomach: this movie is definite not for you!  If you want to be entertained without having to think a lot, don't expect anything new AND are fan of the original series: go for it!   Evil Dead (2013) - Official Redband Trailer von FanReviews   On sunday we just chilled :-) We went out with Lola and trained a little bit. There's a nice park near our place with a small stream and Lola loves it. She absolutely adores water and bubbles! She's so cute trying to catch them and eat them :-)  Afterwards Raul made dinner and we watched another movie (see a pattern here?). This time we watched Argo. It's not bad, the story is quite good and it has some nice fun moments. Ben Affleck is not that good of an actor, but he can direct. The message is like every other Hollywood movie: the US is always good and they will prevail no matter what... the fact that they would not be in such a mess if they stopped meddling in other countries affairs never seems to be an option. But we don't want to start a political rant here, it's just my opinion. So if you have no idea about the Iran hostage crisis 1979 and don't mind seeing Ben Affleck's unchanging face for like 2 hours: go for it! Argo - Trailer (Englisch) von moviepilot   Happy Monday everyone! xo