If you're going to San Francisco...

This happened already a long long time ago... i'm so lazy! We spent Thanksgiving with our super nice landlords and their families. It was our very first Thanksgiving dinner ever and it was delicious! There was just so much food! There were other kids and other dogs, so Lola and Baby Moomin were not the only ones :-) It was really very nice. Everybody made us feel so welcome and Baby Moomin even got a pretty crocheted baby cap. The Hubs had been wanting to get me a bicycle since before we came here, but i cannot ride a bicycle (i know, shame on me...), so i wanted a tricycle and the Hubs found this super awesome Taga Bike on Craigslist :-) the catch was that we had to get it near San Francisco, so we decided to take advantage of the long weekend after Thanksgiving and visit San Francisco. We stayed at a pet friendly hotel, just in front of the Dragon Gate in Chinatown. We took a long walk along the bay, took the 49 Mile Scenic Drive and even found a dog friendly beach! Baby Moomin started having really super red cheeks and sadly it was very loud outside the hotel, so we had some sleeping-through-the-night issues again, but all in all, it was a very nice trip. San Francisco is really beautiful! Since we were going to get my stroller-bike on our way back home, we did not take the stroller with us and it was the best decision ever! All those hills!!!                        So, now we got to see San Francisco and i have a bike! win-win :-) I know i have not been very diligent with my writing lately... sorry! I have been feeling a little bit under the weather these past days/weeks, physically and emotionally. It's not really easy to live in a half empty house, trying to feel at home and doing what you normaly used to do, when all the stuff you need to do those things are not there... I'm sooo frustrated! I want my bed! and my kitchen stuff! I want Lola's house and my computer! If everything goes well, our things will arrive in Oakland this weekend and i hope there is no trouble with customs, so it's all here soon! Plus, i think i've gained about 3 kilos in these 2 months we have been here :'-( :'-( :'-(  and I miss my friends! Homesickness sucks... but, it's all just a phase... which i wish was already over... Ok, let's stop being depressed and let's start the weekend!!! It's the last weekend before Christmas! OMG! We are doing absolutely no christmas shopping this year! Baby Moomin already got some presents from her grandparents and she's too small to really want Christmas presents anyway, so we are all set. Have a nice weekend everybody! we're going to watch the Christmas lights in Oldtown tomorrow :-) x.o.

Month 7

We have been living in this new city for a month now, which also means that a certain baby turned 7 months!!! It's has been a hard month. Moving in itself is stressful, now try moving not only into another country, but into another continent! I had no idea, how susceptible kids (and dogs) react to changes... Baby Moomin developed a rash exactly on the day we flew here. It was all over her face and hands and it took about 2 weeks to dissapear completely. I think it was some kind of neurodermatitis, you know, because of the stress... We also had some sleeping trough the night problems, but i think we're back on track again. We're working on going to bed around 8 or 8:30 p.m. with the last meal also at that time. She gets less milk and more squash, from next week on 3x squash, 2x milk. She likes drinking water from her sippy cup and loves to take everything she can put her hands on in her mouth. There has been a lot, a LOT of screaming! she does not cry, she screams! it sounds as if i was killing her or something and when she has these screaming fits, there is nothing i can do about it but to let them pass... normally i just take her in my arms and cradle her until she calms down... poor baby... But it is really frustrating, because i have no idea what the problem is :-(  Doing chores is almost impossible because she does not like to be left alone for a prolonged period of time, which is not even that long, maybe 15 min. max! But i have to confess that i love love love when she gets all clingy, because it's just so amazingly cute to cuddle with her! Hugs and kisses!!! even better: she enjoys it too! Lots of hugs and kisses!!! <3 I thought i saw a teeny tiny white dot on her lower gum the other day, but... i don't know... There has been a lot of crying at night since yesterday and she's had bright red cheeks these past days, but as i said: nothing has happened yet... still no teeth :-(  Please! Please come out finally!!! x.o. Month 1 • Month 2 • Month 3 • Month 4 • Month 5


Well, hello there! yes, we are still alive... coming to you now from Sacramento, California! First of all: I did not take Baby Moomin's 6 month picture!!! :-( :-( :-( Mega parenting fail! Honestly, i thought about it every day and even dressed her in cute outfits, but we had soooo much to do, that at the end of the day i just didn't find the time to take her "official" monthly picture... but! i do have some phone pictures: Loving the baby basket on the plane Trip to Oldtown She finally got a new (bigger) car seat! Enjoying the nice weather and yummy mexican food First breakfast at our new place On the Riverwalk Where's Baby Moomin? Morning cuddle time! She's such a cutie! She finally worked out how to drink from her sippy cup I love palm trees! The flight was good. Thank God we booked a Baby Basket, it really made our lifes easier, Baby Moomin had an own place to play and sleep and we could rest a little bit. Lola did also great, she got "happy pills" from her vet and they worked just fine. She was calm when we got her at the airport and stayed that way until we could get her out of her cage while waiting for our rented car. We stayed that night at a friend's place in L.A. (thanks sooo much Monze and Austin for welcoming us into your home!!!). The next day we drove about 6 to 7 hours to Sacramento. Baby Moomin's car seat is already too small, so there was some fussing on the way, but we got her a new one a couple of days later and it's a blessing! There are still some tears being shed once in a while, but the time in the car has improved a lot! We stayed for almost a week in a rented apartment (beautiful btw) and were super lucky to find an own place quick enough. We are renting a bungalow in the Pocket area and couldn't be happier with our decision. It is an old house with 70's style decorations, but we really liked it and our landlords are super nice. They even brought us Pumpkin Pie on Halloween :-) My task now is to adapt to our new life in these new surroundings. Baby Moomin's room and the kitchen are as good as ready, we bought some couches for the living rom and a sofa/bed for us to sleep in. We still have to get a lot of decorations and of course wait for our stuff to arrive, which i'm hoping will be before Christmas! I'll be posting some pictures later, when it feels more "finished" :-D I think that's all for now, there is still so much to do: finding a pediatrician, a vet, a dentist, a baby and dogsitter, a yoga/workout place, get a car, get some art and most important: adjust Baby Moomin's schedule, so she sleeps through the night again, because right now it's just not happening :-( We are soooo tired... Keep following us on Instagram and Facebook!!! We wish you all a nice week! x.o.

London: A family vacation

So, before all the big stress starts, i thought it would be nice to show you a couple of pictures of our family trip to London (this time, we traveled with my brother and my mom). If you follow me on FB, you've already read about Baby Moomin's meltdown on the plane... Well, she did not cry the whole flight, just the last 15-20 minutes, but it was super stressful, because she does not really cry, but screams and squeals and everybody looks at you funny, but what they don't know, is that when she's in that mode, there's absolutely nothing i can do to calm her down, she will eventually fall asleep on her own... I'm really dreading the big flight to the US :-( We already have some tricks to calm her down a little bit, but i really hope she behaves... Ok, London... it was awesome! have you been there? no? well, you should! it's as impressive and "royal" as i've always imagined it, even the cabs look fancy :-) We went to Hyde Park and on the London Eye, visited Big Ben, Westminster, St. Paul's Cathedral... our apartment was in Chelsea and we always took the Underground. Piccadilly was my favourite spot; we went to a pub to eat fish'n chips and even the weather was nice. Only Baby Moomin had some issues with being in the stroller for prolonged periods of time, or in a restaurant :-/    We were super late for our flight back and almost didn't make it, plus Baby Moomin started crying as soon as we boarded, but luckily she fell asleep a couple of minutes after take off. I was sooo stressed out! (still am, BTW) So, moving on! My mom leaves soon and our US adventure starts on the 24th!!! OMG!!! That is way too soon! Baby Moomin still has a check up, so does Lola, whom i also have to take to the groomers, because i have no time at all to do it myself. The movers are coming next week, we just got our Visas... lots and lots to do *sigh*... Like i said, i might not be able to write in a while. Posting in FB and Instagram also depends on how quickly i can get my hands on internet, but i'll try to keep you posted! Wish us lots of luck and that both of our monsters behave! x.o.

Month 5 + ch... ch... ch... changes!

There is so much happening right now in our lives... i wanted to do a separate post, but well... no time! First of all: Baby Moomin turned 5 months yesterday! OMG! where did all the time go!? She is huge! She's already holding her own bottle and eating a bit of puree! she's is actually quite good at it :-D No teeth, nor turning around though. Lots of babbling, laughing and playing. My mom is here right now. We went to Dresden to visit my brother and we're going to London next week for a couple of days, because we've never been there.    Ok now, the big news: Before Baby Moomin was born, the Hubs got the opportunity to take on a job in the USA and we were supposed to go there around March/April next year. Well, life is a bitch and nothing happens the way it's supposed to be: we're leaving for Sacramento, California in about 4 weeks!!! WHAAAAT! yes, we have soooo much to do! Packing, looking for someone to rent the apartment to, getting all vaccinations for Lola and Baby Moomin, Visa appointments... plus London, mom and my brother... writing is going to be somewhat difficult in the next weeks, but i'm "very" active on instagram (which is linked to my facebook account) so, feel free to follow our adventures there! x.o. Month 1 • Month 2 • Month 3 • Month 4