Month 11

OMG! just one more month and my sweet little baby will not be a baby anymore, but a toddler! The beginning of the month was very calm. We were invited to a birthday party, the other babies (and their parents) were really nice and other than the "bread incident", where Baby Moomin stole another babys bread, who did not care at first, but wanted it back eventually and Baby Moomin was not giving it back obviously, everything went well. We went to Oldtown to watch the St. Patrick's Day Parade, which was nice, unfortunately, it was also cold and windy and rainy :-( We decided to go again next year (hoping for better weather) and get Baby Moomin a cool St. Patrick's day outfit!    We don't really celebrate Easter, but we wanted to do something for Baby Moomin, so we took her to Fairytale Town for the easter egg hunt, but, she does not like grass... Well, at least we got to see what awaits us next year, maybe.   This last 2 weeks have been difficult. Baby Moomin got sick and she's teething again and she's sooo much more mobile! Sometimes i turn around for like a second and all of a sudden she's nowhere to be found. I'm really not looking forward to her walking around! I'm already exhausted the whole time. She's not been sleeping well either, there have been lots of crying and temper tantrums. I also have been trying to give her to eat from our food, but it's not been that easy. She does try everything out, but after a while you just notice she's not that into quinoa... But it's only 3 more weeks until we fly over to Mexico for her first birthday! I'm sooo looking forward to it! I need a vacation! I think MY grandma is going to be there too, so Baby Moomin will get to meet her great grandma, which is awesome of course, specially since she is 92 years old! Well, i think that was all for now, there is not much going on in our lifes other than Baby Moomins mood swings :-/ We wish you all a nice tuesday!  x.o. Month 1 • Month 2 • Month 3 • Month 4 • Month 5 • Month 7 • Month 8 • Month 9 • Month 10

Month 10 + 3 years of a crazy dog named Lola

Honestly, i did not think anyone read this blog anymore, but as it turned out, i have been asked twice today about Baby Moomin's monthly picture (it was family, but they still count as readers, right?). Well, here you have it: Baby Moomin has 2 bottom front teeth and she's finally getting 1 on top. She eats eggs, cereal, apples and she loves pickles. She finally started crawling last week! It was fun because she would just stay on all fours, then she started moving backwards and all of a sudden i realized she was nowhere to be seen and there she was, crawling away from me... She's getting really good at it too and she's fast! It's been a good month, we have our schedule, her meals and naps are well timed and everything works just fine. We have been trying to go out more and visit places. I get very anxious whenever we go out (remember London?), but so far it's been working great. We went to the drive in cinema (we arranged the back seat into a bed for her and she slept) and we even have been to a couple of restaurants with her. Now that she's older/bigger, she can sit on a high chair and eat with us... or play with a straw... it does make life less stressful and more enjoyable :-) Have you been to Lake Camanche? the recreational area is really cool! You can barbecue there and camp and it's just a perfect place for the dog and the baby to play. From there we drove to Sutter Creek. It was sooo pretty. We mostly visit the main streets, where all the cute shops are and in Sutter Creek you also find  wine tasting places... it was really really nice (and not only because of the wine).   On other news , our other little monster (the furry one) turned 3 years old! OMG! i remember when she was just a little ball of fur, running around the house and barking at her own reflection in the mirror :-D She is crazy and drives me nuts every single day, but she's our baby and there was NEVER a doubt in our minds, that she would come with us on this crazy US adventure (yes, we were actually asked by some, if we would take her with us...). We still have some issues with barking and leash-pulling and squirrels! oh the squirrels... how we hate them... but, it's all about work (hard work) and there has been some improvement. Since we don't go to dog school right now, Lola is not getting a lot of workout :-( we try to take her everywhere we go, but if we only visit oldtowns, then there is not much for her to do. So, we decided to drive to Lake Tahoe for Baby Moomin to see snow (even if it was just a little bit) and for Lola to run around and have some birthday fun. We hiked a little bit at Fallen Leaf Lake. It was beautiful, but very windy. At one point we lost the path and ended up knee high in snow, but we survived ;-) Afterwards we drove to Truckee, near the Donner Pass. Cute town, with lots of nice places to eat and sit outisde. On our way back home we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the mountains. And again it took me about a week to finish this post... i really don't know how other mom bloggers do it. I'm either completely unmotivated, or Baby Moomin wants something, or Lola needs to go outside, or i'm tired... Darn, i really need to step up my game... Happy Sunday! x.o. Month 1 • Month 2 • Month 3 • Month 4 • Month 5 • Month 7 • Month 8 • Month 9

Month 9

Baby Moomin has officialy been outside of the womb longer than inside, weeeeeeeeee! This month has been full of ups and downs. I don't know what's wrong with this child... First of all: teeth!!! yei! she got her two bottom teeth at the same time. They are still growing, but they're finally there!  I've been trying to change her nap times a little bit, so we can do a little bit of co-sleeping during the day. It is working ok, i guess. She started waking up at 6 in the morning, sometimes before that, but i don't think it's because of the schedule change. She is not sleeping more than 3 hours during the day, so she's getting the same amount of sleep as before. I think it has more to do with food. I think it's time to increase the amount of food. I thought she ate a lot, but now i'm starting to feel a little bit uncertain. We just found a pediatrician and have a check up scheduled for next week, which is awesome because i don't even know how much she weights :-/ She's also starting to be more mobile! She's still not crawling, but she just wiggles herself around the house in a sitting position. I actually thought she might start crawling some weeks ago, because she would try to get on all fours, or a kind of launching position while seated, but so far... nothing... she doesn't even like to be on her stomach right now. We got her a play pen, well more like two, so she has enough space to play and move around, but she's doesn't like it very much :-/ We have to work on it... We started going to Play- & Storytime at the public library and so far it's fun. Baby Moomin is more at ease with other people and kids, but now we have to work on boundaries and sharing and not taking toys from other kids... the usual parenting. I guess that was it. It has been a very uneventful time. Welcome to parenthood, where the height of the day is when the baby is taking a nap and you can finally get some alone time in the bathroom, or when your friday night consists of Netflix and beer, but just until 10 because the baby is going to wake up early the next day... :-/ Well, enjoy your friday! if you don't have kids: go out! dance all night and drink until you puke ;-P x.o. Month 1 • Month 2 • Month 3 • Month 4 • Month 5 • Month 7 • Month 8


Happy New Year! like super late... how were your holidays? how did you survive all the food and stress...? Ours were quite nice, we didn't really do much. The Hubs took some time off work and we just wanted to chill and relax... Back in November we decided to order our christmas cards from Minted. They have really cool designs, features and they have nice offers from time to time, like free printed addresses (I was not payed to say this, i'm just really happy with how our cards turned out). The Hubs and i celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this december. Every year, we go to a really nice restaurant and indulge ourselves in an awesome dinner. Since we could not go out this year (no babysitter = no fun), the Hubs surprised me with a dinner at home, prepared by a professional chef :-) It was super nice! If you follow us on Instagram or FB, you saw that we went to watch the Christmas Light Show in Oldtown. It was nice, they had music and "snow" a.k.a. foam :-) They played The Night before Christmas and i think it will be nicer next year, when baby Moomin is a little bit older and can actually see what's happening... It was a great experience anyway, but it was super cold!!! We baked some cookies and decorated just a little bit, since all our decorations were in the container and we did not want to buy everything again... We spent Christmas Eve with another german family, who also arrived here about a month later than us. It was a really nice night, the babies played with their presents and we had a delicious dinner. New Year's Eve was also a very mellow day. We went to Folsom for a ride in my Taga-Bike. It was cool, but i'm sooo far from being fit :-/ Folsom's Oltdown is so cute! It has nice antique shops, to which i will be returning some day, maybe not with Lola... That is one thing i don't like here, dogs are not allowed anywhere!!! why!? it's sad and it makes our trip planing a little bit more difficult :-/  After putting the baby down to sleep, the hubs and i enjoyed a delicious dinner and a quiet night by the fire <3  And those were our holidays... nothing fancy, just us. Our things finally arrived last week, so i'm super happy, but also super busy...  I guess i'll be taking some pictures as soon as everything looks more or less the way i want it to ;-) We wish you a nice, productive week! x.o.

Month 8

Who looks like a cute little princess? Baby Moomin! This month has gone by sooo fast! It seems as if it was just yesterday that i was taking her 7 months old picture... :-( Ups:  sleeping through the night from 8 to 6-7 + 3x30 to 60 minutes naps during the day :-D yei free time!!! babbling... soooo much babbling! it's sooooo cute! she's saing gagaga and mamamama... kisses and cuddles! i love how she draws her head closer to me when she is feeling tired, so i can give her gentle kisses <3 feeding time: she's not a picky eater this one, she eats everything i give her Downs: she's having a hard time with other people... we had to leave her with a babysitter once because of a Christmas Dinner and it did not go that good. I know it's a normal phase, but i really need to get her amongst others, she is too attached to me right now... teething... OMG! when is it going to finally  be over! there are still 0 teeth in sight :-( she does not like when i'm not in the room. We have been able to work around that (i just take her everywhere i am at that moment), but it does complicate doing chores in time... we're having some digestive problems due to her still adapting to food :-/ it worries me sometimes, but so far we've had no major problems... All in all, we've had a good month. There has been less crying because of nothing, or maybe i'm just getting better at understanding what she needs and/or wants. We wish you all Happy Holidays! x.o. Month 1 • Month 2 • Month 3 • Month 4 • Month 5 • Month 7