What happened so far... part 3

This is the last batch of pictures of our august and september adventures and then we'll be almost up to date! yei!!! One of my best friends invited me to Las Vegas for the weekend and it was so weird traveling without the Hubs and Baby Moomin. I think i haven't traveled alone since i met my husband almost 9 years ago! We always go everywhere together, but i really needed some time for myself. I've never been in Vegas before and there is really not much to do if you don't like gambling, but "hotel watching" is fun and we spent almost all morning at the pool anyway. It was a very good weekend :-)     On Labor Day Weekend we decided to take our 2 little monsters to Humboldt County. As always Baby Moomin didn't want to spend time on the beach *sigh*... at least Lola had fun. We went to see the Redwoods and they are amazing! They are sooo tall! They would creak and groan so loud when the wind blew! It was  impressive but scary. We also visited Eureka, which was cute, but a little bit lonely, maybe everyone was somewhere else on that particular day? On our way back, we drove through the Avenue of the Giants. It was a nice getaway, although it took us about 10 hours to get back home :-/ Anyway, my in-laws where here for a while and we took a 2 week roadtrip to so many places! If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen some pictures, but i'll be working on showing you even more pictures over here too. But, you know me, it might take a while... Today is Halloween!!! Last year we didn't do anything because we had just moved here and we didn't know anybody. Later today we're meeting some friends from our library playtime to go trick or treat with the little ones, but don't expect much for Moomin's costume... i don't even have one, i just thought of something we could do and i hope it works. And let's hope it doesn't rain! Happy Halloween!!! Have some fun and please don't be a creepy clown! x.o.

What happened so far... part 2

This summer was... perfect! Of course we had very very hot days, were would spend almost the whole day indoors... but it was so much fun! We spent los of time in the pool, going to nearby lakes and the beach. We scheduled weekly swimming "lessons"... it was more like: meeting at our place to get the babies in the pool (and ourselves, of course). Here are some of the things we did on weekends: We wento to the California State Fair. Baby Moomin had a great time at the petting zoo and wathing all the cows :-D We went to the Union Valley Reservoir with some of Raul's work colleagues.   We spent my birthday at Limantour Beach in Point Reyes and Bodega Bay (the town in which The Birds takes place! :-D)   On the weekends we stayed home, we tried to enjoy the pool and the backyard as much as possible. Most of the time it was just us, but we also had some friends over once in a while :-) We have to to this more often next summer! These two babies are the best of friends! Really, i think she is the only girl Baby Moomin lets near herself and her toys hahaha My in-laws are arriving next wednesday! And we're going on a 2 week roadtrip on the 9th! We have sooo much to take care of before we go: first aid kit, food for the road, clothes for 2 weeks for different kinds of weather, take Lola to the groomers... while also trying to get this house cleaned and ready for our family's arrival... Wish us luck! Enjoy your friday and the weekend!!!  x.o.

What happened so far... part 1

It's been way too long since my last post. Lots has happened since. Sometimes there is just not enough time to sort things in your head and write them down and now, there is just so much material, that i have no idea where to start. So, i think i'll just start where we left off... Last time i wrote, my sister in law and her boyfriend were visiting us. We went to pick them up in San Francisco, stayed the weekend there and checked out Sausalito on our way back home:       Back in Sacramento we visited the Capitol, Oldtown, Downtown, Sutter's Fort and the Crocker Art Museum. Bonus point: now i know how to get to those places with public transportation! Weeeeeeeeee! The next weekend we drove to Yosemite! I'm not a huge hiking fan, it just has never been my thing... however i managed to rock our 6 hour hike! Of course i was the only one who did not carry Baby Moomin (hey! it's either her or me and nobody is going to carry me...). For next time though, we're going to get a better baby carrier, you know, the ones with more space for her to move. She did great though! After Yosemite we drove those 2 lovebirds to Fresno, where they rented a car and took on an adventure of their own and we drove back home to Sacramento. But before, we killed some time by visiting the Forrestiere Underground Gardens: They went back to Europe at the end of July and we miss them sooo much! But we had a very good time! I have 2 more of this recollections posts (look forward to even more pictures). This saturday we are having a little Mexican Independence Day Party and my in laws are arriving at the beginning of october!  Make sure to follow our adventures on Instagram! I'm much more active there... If you don't have instagram, i also share the pictures on Facebook! If you don't have FB, then... wait until the next post, i guess...? :-D I'm really working on posting at least once a week, at least until we're up to date again! I wish you all a happy Thursday! It's almost Beer-Friday! yei!!! x.o.

A Mexican birthday party

Ok, let's just please pretend Baby Moomin's birthday party was not almost 2 months ago! Let's just all appreciate the fact that i finally edited the pictures of her party, so we can enjoy them: I wanted to have a normal, mexican birthday party, but as it turned out, it is quite difficult to find piñatas that are not shaped like superheroes, or stuff like that, so we decided to do like a unicorn theme. Don't ask me why or how we ended up with Peppa Pig... it just happened. Also, Pusheen... i just didn't find a better unicorn picture for the cake... i know, total chaos! The tacos al pastor were really good. We hired some people to cook and serve them and they brought all the equipment necessary for it. It's simple and really yummy food! We don't really know that many people with kids, but there were some :-) They had a nice time hitting the Peppa Pig piñata and tearing the other one appart... Baby Moomin got to eat cake for the first time and she liked it a lot! She was entertained by everybody and at the end of the day she even gave away some hugs <3  It was a really nice party. I got to meet again some friends from school and my cousin and more people who i love, but sadly don't get to see that often. Baby Moomin behaved really good, there was no crying or fuzzing, she took one nap and was otherwise happy. She got so many cute gifts! BTW: thank you everybody!!! We won't need to buy her clothes this summer! ;-) win-win! In other news... i have soooo many pictures i want to share with you! We have been going places, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend are visiting (well, right now, they are on the road...) and we went to San Francisco and Yosemite. But we also did some sightseeing here in Sacramento and we have been to some festivals and markets and we have been enjoying the pool... I would also love to share with you my transition into cruelty free products... So much stuff!!!  But it's difficult to write! We go to the library twice a week and i'm starting a new workout, also twice a week. Baby Moomin is almost walking and she has been sooooooooo clingy! Lola needs some more attention too AND the Hubs of course. I started meal planning, which takes almost all my free time! And when i do have some free time, i rather read or just sit down and watch some TV... it's exhausting!!! but i really want to keep this blog going, even if it's just for my family and friends :-D  Well, i hope to see you again soon! We wish you all a nice thursday! (Yei! it's almost weekend!!!) x.o.

Month 12

I can't believe Baby Moomin is already one year old! I still remember the first time i held her in my arms, all the love and joy and of course the panic i felt a couple of hours later, when the anesthesia was wearing off and i was alone with her for the first time and realized that i had no idea how to take care of another human being. Lots has happened since then! Luckily most of our parebting skills comes instinctively (otherwise there would not be so many of us...) and now i'm not so scared anymore... well, i mean there are still a lot of things that make me cringe, like potty trainig and teenager time, but we survived our first year together and that is a very good reason to celebrate! This last month was hard. She was grumpy and moody most of the time. There were lots of crying for no reason at all and lots of crying because i told her not to pull on the cables, or not to eat the dogs food, or not to play with the trash... parenting is hard work! We've had lots of parenting fails and lots of tantrums... this little girl has a very strong temper! I thought she was more like her dad: calm and easygoing, but as it turns out the latin american nature is in there too. She dances when she hears some music and "sings" and "talks" all the time. She's such a fast crawler, goes the little step in the living room up and down. We have been trying to get her to stand more, you know, so her legs get stronger, but it's been a struggle. Sometimes she just doesn't want to, but lately she's starting to pull herself on furniture and she seems to enjoy it. She says "Mama" and "Lola"! She loves Lola! That feeling is not necessarily reciprocated, but they get along fine.  This is the last monthly picture i will be taking of her, at least for the blog. I'll still share pictures of her of course, but no longer like this. I want to focus again on more things than just the baby, although it's not easy because she just takes up almost all of my time. But Lola is still here, i still have decoration ideas, summer is around the corner, i got a new ice cream machine... and so on... BUT i still have to share with you pictures from her first birthday party in Mexico! Look forward to the next post! x.o. Month 1 • Month 2 • Month 3 • Month 4 • Month 5 • Month 7 • Month 8 • Month 9 • Month 10 • Month 11