Fall days

I have been so bad at scheduling my days lately. I go out with Lola and clean around the house, but it has been difficult getting my a** off the couch when i know there is nothing else i have to do, or nowhere else i have to be. Being a housewife takes a lot more discipline than i thought, it is hard work! Nonetheless this past weeks have been really relaxing and actually fulfilling. I have been learning to take better care of myself and Lola.

Over the Weekend #4

Hi there! How was your weekend? did you go out and party? did you watch a good movie? did you have a romantic date with your significant other? if you did any of this or even got out of your house: good for you! i'm jealous! Our weekend was full with chipped wood everywhere, paint all over my hands and clothes, frustration over not fitting pieces, a somewhat bored little furball and a creepy neighbour watching us from his window.

Over the Weekend #3

Hi there! well this weekend we decided to go for a walk at Nymphenburg Palace. We used to live like 5 minutes away from there and i really miss having it so close. A couple of years ago Raul and me took pictures there and we thought it would be a fun idea to get dressed up and take some new pictures with Lola :-) 

Over the Weekend #2

This saturday we took Lola to a "dog lake", which is a non-official bathing lake for people, so dogs can go in. People bathe there too of course, together with their dogs. We wanted to teach her to swim, but were dumb enough not to take bathing suits... The problem is that there are no broad shores were you can gradually go into the water. As you already know, Lola loves water, but i think it was too much and too fast for her. There were also a lot of other dogs and Lola went nuts! she gets way too exited and barks a lot and it's really stressful :-(