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This happened already a long long time ago... i'm so lazy!

We spent Thanksgiving with our super nice landlords and their families. It was our very first Thanksgiving dinner ever and it was delicious! There was just so much food! There were other kids and other dogs, so Lola and Baby Moomin were not the only ones :-) It was really very nice. Everybody made us feel so welcome and Baby Moomin even got a pretty crocheted baby cap.



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On our 3rd day in Finland, after having already seen the city, we took a bus to visit the city of Porvoo. There are many buses going from Helsinki throughout the day and it only takes about 50 minutes to get to Porvoo. We just visited the Old Porvoo, which is super cute, with its nice houses and little stores. You can get a lot of hand made stuff and there are a couple of nice restaurants. The streets are all cobblestone, but the little Moomin didn't mind, she likes all the shaking hahaha...