Movie Review: Byzantium

Hi! I'm dying of exhaustion (as always...)! I'm working from home this week, which should make everything easier but we've had so much to do! We just launched a site and i have to make sure everything goes smoothly. I think the problem of working from home is that i can't really call it day, i'm constantly working. And it doesn't help that the other colleagues keep working too, so we are still sending each other emails at 8:30 in the evening. The good thing is that the site is only up for this week, so wish me luck :-)

Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

How long it's been since my last movie review? like centuries ago! It's not the fact that we haven't seen anything new, but i think you know me by now and notice that i forget stuff (and i'm lazy...) Well on sunday we watched The Wolf of Wall Street! We were really looking forward to this one and it did not disappoint!

Movie Review: Gravity

I know i wanted to share more pictures of our Barcelona trip, and don't worry it's going to happen... eventually ;-) But las night we went to the movies yet again! weeeee! 

Movie Review: Pain & Gain

What can i say about the new Michael Bay Film? Well it's definitely not what you expect from him. It is hilarious! It's actually based on a true story and i couldn't help thinking the whole time how stupid people can be. The best parts are the protagonists monologues with "armageddon kind of music" in the background.