Weekend Madness

This weekend was all about puppies, friends, holidays and worries. I think i told you about Lola's Puppies Play Hour every saturday (?). It's so fun and Lola plays more and more every time we are there. We hadn't have the chance to take pictures because Lola spend almost the whole time like this... ... hidden between our legs.

What ever happened to Baby Lola?

It's been 3 weeks since we got our little, furry, fluffy bundle of joy! She is perfect! well sometimes :-) She is extremely curious and learns new stuff so fast that we are beginning to train her with a clicker. I was not that excited about it at first, but it's quite easy and i think Lola likes it too.  We are having some problems with biting and i hope to break that habit soon. She loves to play and to chew on things. We try to get her to play more "thinking games", but she is just a tomboy and loves tug of war, which does not help with the biting!

Of puppies and fears

We have been so busy lately... and to be honest, i have been so tired lately.  We got our little sunshine on wednesday last week and she has kept us busy and awake. For me it has also been an emotional roller coaster. I'm not really good with changes and although i'm aware that they are good, at first i always fight them. I think it's a normal reaction to be afraid of something you don't know, like the future and how everything is going to turn out... as you see i tend to overthink stuff :-/

Our long road to the perfect dog

We are getting a dog! weeeee! I ♥  dogs!!! every kind of dog! i also like cats, but sadly i'm allergic to them... and to be honest, i think they are planning to take over the world ;-) My mother never liked dogs until my aunt surprised me with a beautiful cocker spaniel. She really changed our lives! She was THE most spoiled dog ever! but she was our little princess.  When i moved to Germany i knew i would not be able to take her with me, so she stayed at home with my parents & my brother & kept on rocking their worlds!