(Hard) Changes

Unpleasant episodes. Ah, how i dislike thee! They've happened a couple of times before, but i hadn't got any in a while, and today i had to sit down and cry. I had a meltdown. The full story?

Fall days

I have been so bad at scheduling my days lately. I go out with Lola and clean around the house, but it has been difficult getting my a** off the couch when i know there is nothing else i have to do, or nowhere else i have to be. Being a housewife takes a lot more discipline than i thought, it is hard work! Nonetheless this past weeks have been really relaxing and actually fulfilling. I have been learning to take better care of myself and Lola.

The worst day

Yesterday was the worst day of my life, well maybe not of all my life, but every day that contains losing money, getting pissed on by a dog and crying on the street is in my book, a bad day. Everything started when i woke up. Do you also have those days when you feel like it would be so much better if you just stayed in bed and ignore everything else around you? yeah, it started like that, but as soon as i opened my eyes i saw our half finished closet and knew i could not stay in bed and look at that mess of a wall reproachfully staring back at me.

Over the Weekend #3

Hi there! well this weekend we decided to go for a walk at Nymphenburg Palace. We used to live like 5 minutes away from there and i really miss having it so close. A couple of years ago Raul and me took pictures there and we thought it would be a fun idea to get dressed up and take some new pictures with Lola :-) 

Short Trip to Austria

Hi there! like i told you, we made a little trip last week and went to a friends cabin in Upper Austria. We were like 10 people there and a dog :-) We had an awesome time! Lola went nuts with all the new exploring stuff... We practiced shooting with bow and arrows. We went fishing and caught some trouts, which were delicious. We grilled 3 nights in a row and spend the days planing what to eat next :-D