Sometimes the universe wants us to take the longer road

Hi everybody, i'm back home! Actually i didn't have to stay that long at the hospital and was released saturday evening. Well, what can i say that you can't already guess from the title of this post. My doctor said that my tubes were not functional and quite damaged so he had to remove them both, which means that i cannot get pregnant in a "normal" way. 

Stepping forward

We're back from Portugal and it was beautiful! As every family vacaction it was sometimes a little bit stressful, but i guess traveling with 5 other people is never easy... However we've already taken some trips together, so by now we know who will want to see what or who get's grumpy when hungry (me... and my father-in-law :-D) We took a lot, A LOT of pictures! It will take some time to sort out all those memories... which sadly i don't really have right now. 

Showing weakness

Sometimes it is not easy to decide what to write. Where do i want to draw a line? Is it maybe too private to share? I mean it is the internet we're talking about, once it's out there there's no turning back. But then i think, that if i really was afriad of putting myself out there i would not have started this blog in the first place. I know right now, most people that read this blog are family and friends, but of course i would love for this place to grow and reach other people and who knows, maybe they go or went through similar experiences and maybe i can help, or get some help. 

Raul's 30th Birthday Party

Hi everybody! How was your weekend? Ours was awesome! Raul turned 30 a couple of weeks ago and last saturday we finally had the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. Raul decided to rent a room in a vintage dance studio for the party. It already looked awesome and we just decorated it with some helium filled balloons (our tank didn't last for all the balloons we had...) and i hand made the birthday banner :-) Even Lola got a little corner for herself (of course she did not stay there, but she looked cute anyway).

The twin's baptism

As i told you in my last post, we spend our last saturday in Ingolstadt (about 70 km to the north of Munich) at the twins baptism. And as promised, here are some pictures. The ceremony itself was actually a little weird.The church is huge and we were only about 20 people there and we had to move from one point to another: door, bench, font...