Of mourning and new beginnings

I procrastinated about 1 hour on the internet before deciding it was time to start writing this post. Like i already told you, it's not always easy to keep things real, mostly because life is not always happiness and rainbows and super cool days with super cool people.

Mișu's Birthday Weekend

What is it about familiy reunions that is highly stressful, but oh so fulfilling? Sometimes i get all anxious about having so many people around me, but it's kind of fun, you know, hearing all the gossip... ;-) We spend the whole weekend at a kind of farmhouse turned hotel in the Bavarian Forest with about 30 more people to celebrate my father-in-law's 60th birthday! The babies were there too and other kids and almost the whole family and a lot of his friends. 

A weekend in Dresden

Last thursday we drove to Dresden to visit my brother. Sadly the weather was not as good as in Vienna, it rained and it was windy and cold almost all the time. I'm lucky i didn't get sick, since i'm not that smart and took only sandals... But, we had fun anyways. Dresden has a very nice big park and the riverside is perfect for a leash-less walk with Lola. We also visited some flea markets and watched a lot of football! My brother insisted on watching every single game, which of course i didn't, i preferred to sleep ;-)

Plants, friends, food and football...

Hi! How is everybody doing? We have had crazy times over here... Summer is finally here, so we decided to bring a little bit of life into our balcony. We looked for plants that can be left outside over the winter and chose some succulents. To be honest, Raul did most of the work and if you thought it cannot be that difficult: i just noticed that the only plant i planted is slowly dying...