The adventure continues

Yes, we are still alive! Life has been so crazy lately, both good and bad. My last post was about our Family Road Trip in October last year, so what happened after that? 

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Family Roadtrip Pt 2

Welcome to the second part of our family road trip back in October. You can read about our first week here. A little bit of information about how we traveled: we were 4 adults, a toddler and a dog + luggage in a sedan for 2 weeks. We stayed in hotels or airbnbs, mostly all in one room (expensive!) and we had some days when we would spend hours on the road. I think it is safe to say that by this time we were getting kind of tired of each other...

Family Roadtrip Pt 1

So, after almost half a year I finally managed to set up the first part of our family roadtrip... Wow, that took really way too long. If you follow me on Instagram you know that i try to do this year's birthday cards while my kid sleeps. Well that's also the same time i would normally work on the blog :-/ I'm trying to split my time into all the things i want to do and it's not that easy... most of the time i just want to sit down and watch some TV. I haven't read anything new in ages! My book is still sitting there, reproachingly waiting for me to finally open it :-( 

Feelings and emotions and life and stuff ...

I have been writing this post in my head for the last couple of weeks, without ever actually sitting down and doing it... I knew that being a mom was going to be hard, there is never enough time for things not involving Baby Moomin and/or Lola, but honestly, i have been taking time for myself every afternoon while the baby sleeps. My problem has been more a motivational one. I'm just always so tired and overwhelmed by life with a toddler, that whenever i get a small pause, my brain automatically shuts down.