Hallway revamp

Our hallway is done! no, the closet is still not finished... but the hallway finally looks decent. It's actually not completely finished, but it's good enough for now. I painted it all by myself (as if you couldn't notice...)!

Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Remember my hallway? yes, my boring hallway with the sad sad corner? well, that corner is gone for good! :-) If you're not yet a fan of Jen Loves Kev, you should better check it out soon. Browsing through Jen's Blog i found the perfect idea for my sad corner: a Chalkboard Wall Calendar!

Welcome to my crib: Hallway

Do you know how it feels when you think you're getting sick, but you don't and you're tired and not quite well all the time? That's how i've been feeling this whole week :-( It's also getting colder outside and it's raining a lot again and as you know this does not matter to a certain baby dog. We have been playing outside in the rainy, cold weather. I think it's time to get the warmer sweaters from the basement.