Halloween Costume DIY: La Catrina

I hope you had a nice Halloween! Did you dress up? I decided to do something cool this year and dressed up as La Catrina, which is practically the female representation of Death. I know i'm a horrible blogger, who doesn't take pictures of the making process, but i just didn't think about it at that moment. Hope you forgive me ;-)

Learning how to sew: Halloween Edition

I can sew! weeeee! Well not really, i'm just learning ;-) My sister-in-law was here a couple of weeks ago and gave me a crash course on how to use my brand new sewing machine.  Using Emma's tutorial on how to Make A No-Zip Pillow i sew some halloween themed pillow cases for the living room!

Hallway revamp

Our hallway is done! no, the closet is still not finished... but the hallway finally looks decent. It's actually not completely finished, but it's good enough for now. I painted it all by myself (as if you couldn't notice...)!

Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Remember my hallway? yes, my boring hallway with the sad sad corner? well, that corner is gone for good! :-) If you're not yet a fan of Jen Loves Kev, you should better check it out soon. Browsing through Jen's Blog i found the perfect idea for my sad corner: a Chalkboard Wall Calendar!