DIY: Washi Tape Birthday Cards

This is the first post in my DIY Birthday Card series. It turned out to be a little bit more complex than i thought. I'm showing you the cards i made for my friends that had birthday in february (since i don't want anybody to know beforehand i will be posting this DIYs at the end of each month). But i actually already did the ones for march and april, because i have to send some of them to mexico and it takes ages to arrive,so i have to send them at least one month before.

Christmas Cards

Hi! we finally sent our christmas cards! weeeee! I wanted to print a picture of us in "postcard" style, you know, just a picture on the front and message+address on the back. But then i found a set of different colored, plain cards and washi tape from Tchibo (no longer available). I usually like their stuff, but that washi tape was not good. I could hardly use the two wider ones, luckily the others were ok, not perfect but usable. Washi tape is very simple to use, just have fun with the patterns.

The closet is finished! Weeeee!

Well... not quite. We're having some issues with the doors, specially the left one (my door of course...). The doors are plywood panels on which Raul glued laminate flooring (and mirrors in the case of the middle doors). The biggest problem is that plywood tends to bend itself, in this case it's bending inwards, you can actually see the scratch that is slowly forming because of the friction with the front door. We have taken the door out and straighten it with help of weights, but it just goes wrong again, every time.