Over the Weekend #4

Hi there! How was your weekend? did you go out and party? did you watch a good movie? did you have a romantic date with your significant other? if you did any of this or even got out of your house: good for you! i'm jealous! Our weekend was full with chipped wood everywhere, paint all over my hands and clothes, frustration over not fitting pieces, a somewhat bored little furball and a creepy neighbour watching us from his window.

T.G.I.F. #11

Hello everybody! this friday is not a very relaxing friday since we already sold our closet and are going to build a new one ourselves. I don't know how long it's going to take and i hope we don't argue a lot about dumb things like drawer liners ;-) Welcome to my life right now... pure chaos everywhere:

Welcome to my crib: Bedroom

I've been planning a "house tour" for some time now. I even cleaned everything and took some pictures, but then Japan happened and then Lola and i was not able to implement my plan. But if not now then when, right? Well, i present you the first room of this series: our bedroom!