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Hi everybody, i'm back home! Actually i didn't have to stay that long at the hospital and was released saturday evening.

Well, what can i say that you can't already guess from the title of this post. My doctor said that my tubes were not functional and quite damaged so he had to remove them both, which means that i cannot get pregnant in a "normal" way. 


Stepping forward

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We're back from Portugal and it was beautiful! As every family vacaction it was sometimes a little bit stressful, but i guess traveling with 5 other people is never easy... However we've already taken some trips together, so by now we know who will want to see what or who get's grumpy when hungry (me... and my father-in-law :-D)

We took a lot, A LOT of pictures! It will take some time to sort out all those memories... which sadly i don't really have right now. 


The twin's baptism

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As i told you in my last post, we spend our last saturday in Ingolstadt (about 70 km to the north of Munich) at the twins baptism.

And as promised, here are some pictures.

The ceremony itself was actually a little weird.The church is huge and we were only about 20 people there and we had to move from one point to another: door, bench, font...

Hello there! These have been lazy and creative weeks around here. I have so much to do and so little energy, but it's actually geting better ;-)

So, remember last year i mentioned vising Raul's pregnant cousin? Well, yesterday was the twin's baptism and i wanted to sew something myself, but i got out of time... Still, here's an idea on how to add a personal touch to practically any kind of clothes :-)

Raul and i got the twins identical white dresses. Summer is coming and we thought it would be practical.