Quick update

In the course of pregnancy your whole pelvis loosens a little bit to let the baby through during birth. I started having pain in that area early on because of the hormones (as you might remember). Around week 25/26 i got a belt, that kept the pelvis a little bit tighter, thus preventing pain. It did help a lot for a while, but since the baby slid into position a couple of weeks ago, i cannot longer use it. Which of course means that the pain not only came back, but it also increased due to the pressure of the babys head.

Long story short: i can't take the pain anymore and i'm hoping to get induced soon!

It was not an easy decision to make. I hoped, wished and prayed for a natural birth, to give my baby more time to grow and let her decide when to finally come into this world. I have been doing everything i can to softly "kick her out": teas, movement, acupuncture, baths, sex... everything! but after weeks of trying to keep her in, she does not want to come out naturally. Inductions are not always without risk and may take days for the birthing process to even begin. But i have been just enduring all this pain and discomfort these last weeks and i've reached my limit. After talking to my doctor, my midwife and the Hubs, we decided that it is really the best course of action to get induced. And it's not as if the baby is not ready yet, last time we checked she was already around 3,2k, completely developed and healthy. My cervix is already opened about 2cm and i have contractions all the time. I think she just needs a little kick in the butt ;-) So, i have an appointment for tomorrow and let's hope it all goes good. Anyway, wish us tons of luck that it does not take forever and who knows,  there just might be some baby pictures to share on our instagram account next week!

I wish you all a very nice weekend!