What's going on?

Hi everybody! yes, i'm still alive... no, the baby is still not here, but hopefully soon :-)

I have had some rough months lately. I've been wanting to write, but finding myself without any kind of motivation whatsoever. I have still so much to show and share with you, that i don't even know where to start...

It has been such a weird time that Lola turned 2 years old on the 25th of February and we didn't even buy her a cake! The little monster had been sick for quite a while and we didn't know why until her vet suggested to do a full blood scan. Well, it turned out that our already food picky monster is allergic to almost everything! The only things she can eat right now are chicken, duck, fish (not salmon) and potatoes and that's it... nothing else! We had to get her special food, which of course she doesn't like. On the good side, it's been working. Her digestive system is working better again and we don't have to get up at 4 o'clock every night to go out with her. It's been hard times, i worry a lot and i was not feeling that good either... but it's getting better, plus she's been so patient with me :-)

Speaking of not feeling good: well, i'm 37 weeks pregnant and i just want our baby to finally be here! I wanted to write a post about the 2nd trimester, which was the best time ever, but then the 3rd one started and with it came a lot of pain and worry and i think baby blues... I started having contractions very early on (about week 28/29) and my cervix got shorter (at that time it was about 3 cm; normal is between 4-5 cm). So i had to step down a little and rest a lot, not go outside with Lola so long. One month later my cervix was 2,5cm and 2 weeks ago i started feeling really bad, i had a lot of contractions, also painful ones and the baby would not stop moving for hours! The Hubs took me to the hospital, because i was getting really worried that the baby would come early and after a check up the doctors decided to keep me there at least one week. They tried to stop the contractions and i had to rest a lot and after a week my cervix was at 1,7 cm and the contractions were still there... but, i was already 35 weeks and from then on they let nature take it's course, because the baby is practically fully developed. All in all it was a good decision to go to the hospital, even if it didn't bring that much, but i met other women who had similar problems and were/are as afraid as me. 

Well i'm really hoping she decides to come out this week, because my body is ready to get her out! I just noticed that it took me almost 2 weeks to write this post :-/ The good part? Raul took some pictures yesterday! Look how huge i am!

Baby bump with Lolz

I'm hoping to finish some posts before she gets here, but if not... you'll hear from us eventually ;-)

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April 07, 2015

Que bonitas!! Ya mero llega : ) Tu trankiki!

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April 07, 2015

Looking good, girls! Looking good ;)Many kisses,Rodrigo

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Glenn Watson
April 07, 2015

It was really pathetic to hear from you about the whole incident. Keeping a fully developed baby inside is too much painful to handle. I really appreciate your courage that you hold the baby for such a long time. It's very much important to follow all the guidelines while pregnant to avoid any problem. Hopefully the baby must be outside now after crossing all hurdles. I would like to wish you good luck. It's time to spend good time with your baby. Thanks for sharing your experience. You have written the blog well. Baby Care Products