Puerto Vallarta

After Guadalajara we drove about 3-4 hours to the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta and spent 1 1/2 days lying around like stranded whales at the beach! Yeah, it's not much, but we had a very tight schedule and were very happy to get at least some time at the beach. The Malecón boardwalk is beautiful! There are a lot of sculptures along it and i don't know if the sand sculptures are around the whole year, but we saw some (really impressive btw). There are a lot of really good restaurants to choose from and bars of course! You really don't need to be on the hotels zone to enjoy a nice day at the beach, just be sure to get a spot not in the centre, where all the others are. And i was surprised by how dog-friendly the city is! really, we could have taken the little monster. Well, maybe next time ;-)

Malecón 1 Malecón 2

Malecón 3 Malecón 4 Sand sculptures Flying dancers

La Bodeguita del Medio Sunset Puerto Vallarta by night 1 Puerto Vallarta by night 2 Puerto Vallarta by night 3 Iglesia de Guadalupe

Malecón 5 Puerto Vallarta 1 Malecón 6 Seagulls Puerto Vallarta 2 Puerto Vallarta 3 Puerto Vallarta 4

Just one more post about our mexican road trip! :-D

It's been sooo frakking cold here in Munich! I have been missing Mexico a lot! But, the worst of winter is already over, right? Let's hope so! I don't think my winter jacket is going to fit me for much longer :-/



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February 05, 2015

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