Since we've already established that i suck at scheduling my posts, i will be sharing with you today a little road trip we made before Christmas. 

My brother, his girlfriend, the Hubs and i decided to take a day tour to Taxco. Taxco is not that far away from Mexico City, but it can take some time to get there because of traffic. On that day it took us about 4 hours to get there and 5 to get back :-/ It would've been a good idea to just stay there for the night. Taxco is best known for it's silver. It actually does not produce any silver anymore, but they get it from nearby towns and process it to lots of things like jewelry and silverware. The city itself is gorgeous! and the prices you get are really good if you compare them to a store in the City or Europe. Every year there is a fair (around November) where the craftsmen exhibit their best pieces ans some of them are really spectacular (almost every store has it's winning pieces on display).

Taxco 1 Taxco 2

Taxco 3 Taxco 4

Taxco 5 Taxco 6 Taxco 7

Taxco 8 Taxco 9

Taxco 10 Taxco 11 Taxco 12

Taxco 13 Taxco 14

Taxco 15 Taxco 16

Next time you're in Mexico, go and visit Taxco!