Christmas at my parents

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a very nice time with your family and friends! The last christmas i spent at my parents place was 10 years ago! It was about time to spend the holidays with them again. 

We spent the evening with my godparents and their kids. We had lots of fun, ate a lot of very yummy food and recieved nice presents, specially for the baby!

Lola at christmas Christmas tree 1

Christmas tree 2 Christmas tree 3

Christmas tree 4 Christmas decorations 1 Christmas decorations 2 Us  Christmas decorations 3

Christmas decorations 4 Christmas decorations 5 Maria, Lola & Luis Zamy & Lola

Christmas dinner Presents time

Zamy with her present Zamy at christmas

Tomorrow we're leaving for a couple of days of road trip, tequila, beach and sun!