Movie Review: Halloween Edition

I know Halloween was already so long ago... but since i didn't do anything special this year, i thought i might share with you our movie pics for that night.

  • The Classic: Freaks. Yes, yes, we have all been watching American Horror Story Freak Show, but unlike in Freak Show, ALL the "freaks" in this 1932's movie are real! I read that it even was banned in some countries because it disturbed the audience. The story is quite simple: Hans, a midget, falls in love with the beautiful Cleopatra, who only wants his money. Together with her lover Hercules, they plan to get rid of Hans once she marries him, but they did not count on the other "freaks" and their resolution to help and avenge their friend.


  • The Contemporary: Afflicted. Shaky cam, yeah! It's actually not that bad. Two friends decide to travel the world, documenting everything and putting it online for all to see... remember when this kind of movies where "found footage"? I would not call it "Unique and original" (not like in the trailer), but it's ok... decent horror movie. Although the end is very cool, but then you start to ask yourself: aha! and the policemen? ;-)


  • The Trash: Hobo with a Shotgun. Yes, there is actually a movie called like that and guess who's in it? no? Rutger Hauer a.k.a. Roy "Time to die" Batty!!! But don't be fooled! This movie is gory, trashy, it has awful music and sometimes you feel like going blind from all the colors BUT it has a message: Don't close your eyes to violence, corruption and injustice! It's your choice not to be part of it.  

Yes, we watched that...

I wish you all a nice weekend!



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November 08, 2014

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