Over the mountains we go

Sorry for the lack of news lately, but like i told you on my last post, i've been sick, really sick :-( It took me about 8 days to do this post and about 30 minutes to just write these first lines...

Let's move on, i have actually something nice to show you today... remember my father's-in-law birthday party? Well, we decided to give him "family time" as a present and the weekend before last we all drove to Austria and spend 3 days in a cabin in the mountains.

Sadly, the weather was not that good, but we had a very nice time anyway. We grilled and hiked a little bit and just relaxed. Lola had a blast chasing cows and enjoying her "freedom" :-)

BTW: yes, we all have the same red jackets! We like to dress alike because we're weird like that ;-) hahaha

Cabin Outside

The hubs cooking Tea & Coffee time

Fish Done fish

small waterfall shacknature 1 horses over the bridge

nature 2 waterfalls 1

waterfalls 2 waterfalls 3

waterfalls 4 don't go chasing waterfallsnature 3

nature 4 nature 5

As nice as it was, i'm happy it where only 3 days because it's not cool having to use a latrine while being sick... not cool at all.

I hope to start feeling better again soon, but in the meantime, please don't miss me! i promise to be back as soon as i can ;-)