It's agility time!

First of all, i want to thank our friends and family for all the love we have recieved these past week. Thank you for every message, email, phone call and visit. I adore you all! I cannot express how much every single word meant to me. Thank you! 

Emotionaly we're doing good, we're just looking forward to the next procedure. My doctor suggested to wait a couple of cycles before starting IVF, so that's what i'm going to do. Right now i'm concentrating on getting fit again. Physically i'm finally better. I had a couple of very bad days last week, where was in so much pain. I have a very high tolerance for pain and last week i was crying in agony, so i don't even know the reason for it, but i'm so happy it's over.

Saturday was a beautiful day and i was feeling quite alright, so i decided to go to Lola's agility class and since i still cannot move a lot, i used the time to take some pictures. But please don't mind my not really focused pictures... i'm still learning!

We have known a couple of these dogs for quite a while now and Eloise (the huge Briard) even went with Lola to puppy play time!

Lola table

Lucky slalom


Lola slalom lola small a-frameLola bridge Benji jump

Balu tunnel Lucky Katie jump

Lola tire Lola long jumpKatie long jump

Eloise trampoline Katie tableAnton tunnel

Lola bridge


Balu's friend Benji

Lucky tire Benji tire Eloise tireHappy Lola

Aren't they just super cute! and talented of course :-)

I know i still have to show you the pictures from our trip to Portugal... I promise to post them soon!

I wish you all a happy monday!



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May 26, 2014

Berirris! The pictures are really good and the dogs all look super cute....especially Lola of course : ) I hope she is learning a lot and isn't being that rude and disobedient...but let's be honest....she only wants to play and be cute and poop! : ) We <3 Lolis! And of course te amo hermanirris! Soy tu fans! : )

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May 26, 2014

I know! she'e super cute! she behaving better btw! :-)