Musings of a lazy person...

...well actually i haven't been lazy at all! I've had a lot, lot, LOT to do! Work is sucking the life out of me! It's fun, but i'm exhausted... It's my last 2 weeks, but we still have tons of stuff to do and the proyect on which i'm working is not going to be finished by the end of the month... so... i've been asked to stay a little bit longer. This is of course good because i get payed and let's be honest, it's good to have my own money BUT i do have to think about it.

It's nice to have something to do, something that forces you to wake up in the morning, because you have to be in the office at like 9 in the morning. But i have been getting the feeling, that i don't do anything else besides working. And i'm not a morning person at all! Getting up early is not my thing, i feel so tired the rest of the day, so that when i come home from work and after taking Lola out to play, all i can think of is to put on my pajama and go to bed! How do normal people do it? You know, like go to work every day from 9 to 5... i just work half time and i'm already in a very advanced zombie mode, you know, when your brain does not work anymore and you just keep on going out of inertia. I honestly admire all the people out there, who work every day and then come home and do more stuff like cleaning, or taking care of the kids, or cooking... Tell me, what's your secret? And don't tell me, it's because you don't have a choice... I bet it's better meals, right? Should i eat more fruits and vegetables? That must be it! I need more vitamins ;-)

I really hope this is just a phase and i can soon amuse you with better things, than what really goes on in my head... since it's very confusing and weird and stuff...

I leave you with a picture of my cat/dog: she's so much fun!

T.G.I.F. and have a nice weekend everybody!