The worst day

Yesterday was the worst day of my life, well maybe not of all my life, but every day that contains losing money, getting pissed on by a dog and crying on the street is in my book, a bad day.

Everything started when i woke up.

Do you also have those days when you feel like it would be so much better if you just stayed in bed and ignore everything else around you? yeah, it started like that, but as soon as i opened my eyes i saw our half finished closet and knew i could not stay in bed and look at that mess of a wall reproachfully staring back at me.

So i decided to get up, get dressed and take Lola for a walk.

On the way i picked up some cash at the ATM, we met some other dogs and that's where it happened: i got marked as that other dog's territory! Actually i thought it was funny -a little bit disgusting, but funny. I laughed and the owner apologized and then laughed with me.

I took Lola home, washed my foot, cleaned my shoe and decided to put the money in our Home Wallet (obviously a wallet in which we keep money for domestic use). That was the moment where i realized that the money was gone. Just like that. GONE. I even went outside again and retraced my steps, but i knew it was futile. I went back home and cried like the little girl i am. I won't even tell you how much i lost, because it's kind of embarrassing, but it hurt, a lot. After a histerical phone call in which i tried to explain things to my husband i just sat there and watch some crappy TV for a while (telenovelas always lift my spirit).

We agreed on meeting at the hardware store to buy some new paint (for other exciting proyects and would cheer me up a lot!) and other stuff we still needed for the closet, for which i had to take a cart. So there i go with the cart on one hand and Lola on the other.

I don't know if i told you already, but Lola HATES motorcycles, she just goes berserk at the sight of them! She pulls and barks like a rabid dog.

As we got to the traffic light i heard behind me a woman telling me that i have to push the button for the light to turn green...

1st: you don't HAVE TO! it turns green anyway, it just takes a little bit longer

2nd: i thought her little boy wanted to do it, since he walked very determined towards it

3rd: with which hand am i supposed to do it smartass woman???!!!

Of course all this retorts occurred to me a fraction of a second too late and all i had time, and the mental capacity, to say was: thank you, i know that. She just gave an extremely condescending smile and went away. Lola of course was in her monster mode and kept barking at everything that came near her.

And that's how my husband found us in front of the store: a histerical crying woman, with a histerical barking dog... 

And that's the story of my life... well, at least that of yesterday.

Here's a picture of our closet BTW:

It mocks us every day: you still haven't finished me! 

Hey, but look at those shelves! they're looking good :-)

And here's a picture of Lola, because who am i kidding? i love that little monster:


BTW: you notice this post is not the tipical tgif. Well, i decided to change things a little bit. Of course i will try to write on a regular basis, but i need a little more flexibility on my themes. I hope you don't mind!