A thought on Miley Cyrus

Hi there!

Ok, this post is alittle bit different to what i usually do here, but come on! it's imposible not to have an opinion about this!

Did you see Miley Cyrus's performance on this years VMAs? No? me neither, that's why i just heard about it yesterday :-)

Miley Cyrus no VMA von elatadexic

Miley, Miley, Miley... what on earth were you thinking?

Ok, she is not a kid anymore. She's obviously experimenting with her image and let's be honest, the outfit is not that outrageous, remember Britney Spears's performances on 2000 and 2001? But at least Britney had a decent body. Miley just tries way too hard and what's with all the teddy bears running around? 

I think the worst of all is Miley's idea of what "sexy" is. Sticking your tongue out while doing weird grimaces and touching yourself with a foam hand...? I don't think so... I thought it was tacky, vulgar and embarrassing.

So, what's the moral of this post? well... none but to let you know my opinion on this matter. I obviuosly had too much free time today, because who really cares about this? It's just so much fun to talk about :-D

Well, i wish you a nice wednesday and hopefully you make better use of your time than me :-D and take some of it to comment! ;-)


*Update: i just noticed, that my video doesn't work anymore... well here is the link to the video on mtv.com