A thought on friendship

Hi there! So, this friday i will pass on T.G.I.F. in order to talk to you about something else. I had a comment on my brithday party post, that made me think about friendship. I had a complaint about the term "Raul's friends". Well, let me apologize if i offended someone and try to explain.

First of all, i did not mean that they are not MY friends. It's just a way of describing people i know: Raul's friends are people i know because of Raul. Just like my friends from work or friends from the university. I know people from many different circles/places and i tend to categorize them in those circles, but like i said, it's just a means of description.

The second reason is a little more complex and may sound weird, but hey! it's me! i'm weird ;-) 
I have some trust issues and a very big, deep rooted fear of loss.
The fact is that they were friends with Raul way before knowing me and, please indulge my crazy thoughts, BUT IF we would ever split up, then for me it's obvious that they would stay loyal to Raul. In a way it's a kind of self protection. IF they would someday no longer be my friends, then it would not hurt that much... or that's what i tell myself.

So, in a way they should feel flattered because it means that i like them so much, that i cannot bear the idea of not having them around! And that applies to all my friends (either from work, school, home, etc...)!

I'm very thankful for all my friends! As you noticed, i'm kind of a complicated person and i'm happy that they still stick around in spite of all my craziness! :-D

I wish you all a very nice friday and a relaxing weekend! Go out with your friends!




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August 23, 2013

Don't mame! Quién se quejo?! I like you as my friend like a man likes his beer or his beard or his bear : )

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August 23, 2013

hahahahahahaha! you don't have a bear! :-D i like you too! evern more than my beer ;-)