Movie Review: Elysium

Hi everybody! Yesterday we went to the movies and watched the new movie from Disctrict 9 director Neill Blomkamp.

In the future there is a new way of segregating the rich and the poor. The ones who can afford it, live on the space station Elysium, where there are no illnesses, no death and no problems. The rest stayed on earth, which is overpopulated and empty of all natural resources. You can imagine what the story is about: the poor want a chance at improving their life quality, while Elysium's govenrment does everything to keep them out. It actually reminded me of Latin Americans trying to cross the border to the USA. And i don't know what i should feel about the fact that Mexico City is the perfect location for an apocalyptic Los Angeles vision.

Nevertheless it's a good movie. I like Blomkamp's way of using Sci-Fi settings to tell current socioeconomic problems. I like his idea of everyone speaking spanish. You have to watch this video of Diego Luna trying to teach Conan some survival frases.

Sharlto Copley is the best villain ever! but he also has the worst accent ever! i couldn't understand almost anything he said ;-) 

If you didn't like District 9: don't watch it!

If you like action packed movies with some violent deaths and a ok enough story: go for it!

Elysium Trailer #2 starring Matt Damon... von teasertrailer


Well i really hope this review was useful and you go and watch this movie :-D

Have a nice wednesday!


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Tags: movieelysium