90's Music Week: Thursday

Hello there! well, yesterday my husband took me out for dinner at a japanese restaurant and we ate sooo much! we could have rolled home! it was delicious! i miss Japan!!!

Ok, music... i love this song:

The Wallflowers - One Headlight von Tunashaker

I was a teenager at that time and as teenagers often do, i had this moments where i felt as if i could take on the world all by myself. Everytime i heard this song i felt invinsible hahaha... no idea why! Actually hearing it right now, made me feel complete again ;-)

I have to say i had the same feeling with this next song:

Smash Mouth, All_Star 1999 von harrison73

This song just makes me super happy! it's like watching puppies play... it just makes me smile :-D

BTW i got trolls for my birthday! remember those? hahaha... they are ugly as hell, but i always wanted one ;-) thanks Elsa!