T.G.I.F. #7

I just noticed that my last T.G.I.F. was almost a month ago!!! I'm really bad at keeping a constant schedule, specially under pressure...

I finished my thesis! weeeee! and i turned it in on monday, so i have been doing nothing this week! well, i still have to go to work and i have some appointments every now and then, but aside from that i really have nothing else to do. And i'm starting to bore myself to death!!! I didn't know how much a weekly routine helps to get through the day. I have to start a new one i guess. It's also important for Lola, right now every day is different and i don't think it's doing her any good. I need to get organized!

Here are a couple of things i need to start doing on a regular basis:

  • Work out! i'm 3 to 4 kilos away from my ideal weight!!! 
  • Eating regularly. One reason why i'm losing weight is because while under pressure (thesis!) eating is not on my high priorities list frown i need to set a feeding schedule!
  • House cleaning. For the last weeks i haven't done any cleaning and my house looks like a pig-sty! I get bored easily, so i don't do the whole cleaning in one day. It works for me cleaning one room each day ad maybe vacuuming the apartment every 2 days. Lola is losing a lot of fur lately sad
  • Plan my walks with Lola through the day
  • Plan my posts better in advance! wink

And i have some projects i want to start finally:

  • We took a lot of pictures of cherry blossoms while in Japan and would love to make a collage.
  • I wanted to make a scrapbook from all the tickets and stuff we brought from Japan.
  • Learn to take better pictures!
  • Bake more!
  • I'm turning 30 in a little bit more than a month and i started planning a nice big party. I will probably be posting about it in the next weeks. Right now i wanted to share with you some fabric i bought for a party project:

  • Start going on date nights maybe once a month. I noticed i need to spend more quality time with the hubs. We love Lola, but we really need some time for us.
  • Change some colors and decorations at home (btw: keep on my crib pictures!)

Well, that's all i can think of right now. Doing nothing really slows your mind frown

Sooo in good T.G.I.F. style i leave you with some food & TV ideas and pictures of Lola!

I love this Watermelon, Feta & Mint Salad! I know we are late on this one, but we just started watching Mad Men and it's awesome. I alsways start laughing because of all the backwards thinking, like pregnant women smoking.

And now to the cute part! This little girl is not so little anymore! She already lost 2 teeth!


T.G.I.F. everybody!